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Hush now

im a fan of winghugs. :)
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Hush now little pony, don't say a word. Rainbow's gonna take a very big turd
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OMG!!!!!!! CUTENESS METER OVERLOAD Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] check out this cute pokemon Heart 3D Heart 3D Omg so cute *Free Icon/Emote* Fluffershy Pusheen Applejack(run) 
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Winghugs are best hugs
Wait0wat's avatar lift her up and take her anywhere.
I always like to see her as this mentor/sister to Scootaloo.
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Omg Soo Cute Then The Swag Sisters Heart - Free la in love 
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Hush now little sister, you're loved by all you know, you'll never lose their friendship, no matter where you go...
One of the sweetest drawings I've ever seen of Scootaloo loved and protected by her adopted big sister.
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Aww so cute! Amazing job, love your style you used! :)
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Awwww. Best sisters.
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So yeah, in my head canon either Rainbow Dash is secretly Scootaloo biological mother OR she adopts her in the future.  This is SO... HHhhnnnnnnngggghhhh!!!!!

If that makes ANY sense.  Probably doesn't... just know that it got me in the feels... hard.
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Aaaww... how wonderful...! :love: :love: :love:
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How nice.....until Scoots fails her flight test. *wink wink*
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Almost like a real sisters. :)
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Looking this sweet and heartwarming, I'm one too.

Wonderful work. Love Scootalove. Need more this season.
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home sweet home!
Winghugs are the best hugs :)

Especially when they come from somepony that deserves to be a skunk pony. A pony that just doesn't care about the restroom or toilet while giving such hugs.

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Man, this is the cutest pic you drawn so far :)
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