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Golden beauty

Going wild with shading again. :P
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I love the nickname. Bloody brilliant mate!!
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Can you do one of Twilight just like this one?
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Applejack in that little outfit is very sexy, it's one of my favorites. I like the details of the illustration especially the curves  :iconapplejackconceitedplz: 
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strange suddenly i felt hunger for apples by watching that beauty
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That is a lovely Apple. X3
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Very well done ^w^
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dashie your wingboner's showing again
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Apple Jack~ what have I told you, you didn't-you know what, forget it. I like it.
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Sing me a song ;)
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Time to bite those apples!
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Scratch that, this is the best AJ pic you done so far Madacon <3 <3 <3 I love it when you draw saucy stuff lol, especially Applejack 
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Join the NSFW herd *3*
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I can picture her as Miss Kitty, but only if there's a holdout pistol or something tucked into a garter somewhere.
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