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Got several hardware issues lately.
This was supposed to go out last weekend. :P
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finish all the apple on the trees what should she bite into now

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It's not flutter bat
It's BatShy!
Why because, she's BatShy
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Stupid sexy flutterbat ;3;
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fucking sexy flutterbat waifu
she looks gorgeous Heart Heart Heart 
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I do not know if I can tell you how great this piece of art is but I will try. I just love this drawing. It has so many details and (without having deeper knowledge in this things) I will say that the image is very well done in the aspects of light, shadows and how the drawing is composed. Yes, there sure are details and I just love the way you did draw Flutters herself. She does not look scary or anything like that. No, she's just very, very beautiful! I Heart her!   Clap Judge 
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I thought this was scootaloo when I first saw it before zooming, very nice though.
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She can bite into me anytime.  :)

...Unless I'm nearly dead.  In that case, please stop biting.  :(
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Well... *cough*... this is... um... nice
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Someone Please turn on the fan! It's getting hot in here...
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daaaaaammn daniel
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So Hot....

I was gonna say something funny but my computer is dumber then the President!
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hoooooooooolly fuck this is amazing
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Flutterbat is back, and she's sexier than ever before.  Don't miss a brand new season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
Only on Discovery Family!
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Beautiful and awesome :D
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Omg she looks amazing and soo cool in that outfit :3
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oh my my sweet little fluttershy  ^^
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