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Last Wednesday i went to NYC to see the Fueled By Ramen 15th Anniversary (did i spell that right) XD

The AWESOME bands that performed were:

the Providence

the Swellers




It was the first time that I ever went to a concert/ was in a mosh pit!

When Paramore came on (during their song Careful) all of a sudden,there was this huge empty space (it was really odd since i was just packed into the crowd like a sardine)
The next thing I know these drunken idiots start getting into a fist fight...

I tried to get out of the crowd as soon as possible.... but the mosh 'idiots' thought i was a part of the fight @_@
then i get elbowed in the freakin ribs by one of the drunks!

If you thought i was angry being stuck in the middle.. i was furious when i got nailed in the ribs...

Since the guy had his back to me... he didnt notice that i was get ready to kick him...

And since i screwed up my aim.. i ended up kicking him in his kiwis...

my mom (thank god she was there) got me out of there so that she wouldnt have to carry a bloody pulp home....

The rest of the concert was AWESOME!!

Hayley sang two new songs: in the mourning and renegade (both were awesome if i might add) XD

Anyways... i just wanted to say that Third Blood: chptr 3 i being written... and im sorry if the chapters seem short but hey... this my first story!!

Oh and thanks to all the people that were nice enough to leave a comment for my story!!
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Submitted on
September 11, 2011