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Okay I know a lot of watchers on my list only "watch" me because I watch them (watch-backs) but I know one or two of you actually read the crud I post soooo this will probably be bad news just for them.....

I can't write ANYTHING. Everytime I try to write, whether it's a poem, short-story, or a continuation of a story, my mind just locks up. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've been listening tp music, I've been reading, watching things on youtube, writing down certain phrases in hopes of getting inspiration- all of these things have helped before so WHY can't I get out of this funk?!

I thought that once school ended I'd be able to continue one of the only things that make me happy- writing. But now it's July and I've come up with nothing. This fact has been making me sink deeper into this funk and I'm scared that I can't get out. When you live in a small town with a family that hovers and don't have many friends, it's really hard to be inspired.

I know some people will probably say, "Oh stop being dramatic! Everyone gets writer's block". But I've had writer's block before, it's never been this bad. Not only am I getting frustrated with writing, but now I'm getting frustrated with music- MUSIC, playing W.O.W., even Deviant Art! It feels like a relationship going downhill! DX

I don't know what to do. I wish someone would help me get out of this funk.
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Mosama Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012
The key to beating writers/art block is not acknowledging its existence. I've never gotten art block because I don't believe the shit exists. I think people freak themselves out and make it a reality for themselves when they could just as easily make a reality where writers/art block does not exist.

Feeling a lack of inspiration DOES happen, but that can easily be fixed by reading up on your favorite novels- the ones who inspired you to write in the first place. Watch your favorite shows, movies, play your favorite video games- and YOU WILL get inspired again. Keep trying until you do. Do not give up on your creativity- its THERE its just like a candle that needs to be re-lit.
Mad-Wolf-Hatter Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Student Writer
All right- I'll do just that. Thanks Mosama! :iconbrohugplz:
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July 10, 2012