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Published: July 8, 2012
So i posted a comment on Two Best Friends Play Catherine saying that Devil May Cry was pretty attractive (LIKE A BAWSS)

I log off for a few days and when I get back on I see a dude reply to me saying "Don't be a queer. Did you just say DMC was attractive?" Now mind you, my old name (the one shown on the comments- not the username) was my first name... Let me point this out that my name is VERY, VERY girly (you can see it on my page/ info right on my front page)  Then I changed it to MadWolf Hatter

So instead of getting mad (I hate it when people do this sort of thing online) I just started laughing hysterically because I noticed that he posted the reply BEFORE I changed the name XD (I'm still laughing now)

So that makes me think: "Either he's incredibly stupid or his friends have the girliest names ever"

I decided to reply to him telling him I'm a girl and I had to keep correcting myself cuz my laughing caused me to mess up so bad XD


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