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SH_Develop Your Mind

By mad-samurai
My mind rebells and want to see only crossover pictures. Imagine the situation, when all Sherlockes Holmeses are together, think together - like a common mind. How fast would they solve crimes?)
But they all are a bit different (of course - each actor plays in his own way). And they all have different methods of thinking, but some are more symbolical.

Violin. Jeremy Brett from Granada series is in my mind typical victiroan gentleman - calm, cold, rational, even a bit unearthly.
Formaldehyde. Robert Downey Jr. from 2009 and 2011 movies is a bit crazy, but very charismatic Mr.Holmes. He is like schizophrenic-genius – gorgeous but intolerable :meow:
Nicotine patches. Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC series is exaggerated version of Sherlock. Like he says a “high-functioning sociopath”.
Pipe. Vasilii Livanov (in my opinion and in opinoin of the Queen) - more ironical, more "free" Holmes. I love him most, 'cause his playing is delicate and not so theatrical. I also think, that Vasilii Borisovoch is a quintessence of other three Holmses - he is "soft" and unearthly as Jeremy Brett, a bit crazy and "sudden" as Robert Downey Jr. and of corse he's has sociopathic features and coldness of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Though I love them all :heart:____________:heart:

And also I think they differ from each other in the way of expression, that’s way the “volume” of phrases are different:
Mr.Cumberbatch: Splashes…42 size…Cardiff…No, must be something else. Oh…I see
Mr.Downey: Probably it was…or maybe…
Mr.Livanov: You think?
Mr. Brett: Shh…

Hope you enjoy it.
Texture of the background i found in google, i don’t remember where exactly.
Ink brushes by [link] jekylnhyde and by mateuseven
Old Paper Brushes by lailomeiel
Just brushes by Mar-ka
Blood Splatter Pack by nathradas

I own nothing!

the violin is on the wrong side, but i can only mirror the picture. but i'm to lazy. So ш have absolutely no music erudition))) sorry about that!
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I like the right one most
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This is actually an interesting concept :)

Awesome work
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Very nice like taken out of a dream - for some reason they used to broadcast some of the Sherlock stories with Livanov here in Ireland with a dubbed voice.  There's now a book out telling the story from Professor Moriarty's viewpoint - "The Hound of the D'Urbevilles" by Kim Newman
I wanted to invite you personally to submit your art for a Sherlockian art contest that's being held in London in connection with a new book release ART IN THE BLOOD.  It's at a cocktail party the Baker Street Babes are running and there are medals and a purchase award from the Sherlock HOlmes Hotel on Baker street as prizes.  Details are here:…
I'm afraid it's got a very short lead time.  Please email me if you have any questions.
Thanks, Bonnie MacBird
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Василий Ливанов!!! Он самый лучший! ❤

Потрясающая работа!!!!
Огромное спасибо за ваш талант ! ! 💞
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э то не ве ро ят но !!! классика образов Шерлокиады! 
Классная работа)
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Thank you very much!
Livanov and Cumberbatch forever the best!)
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Hello, your work is included in my "Birthday List" journal. Very good job, congratulations!…
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 Clap Wonderful! Fantastic work, thank you. Heart
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Impossible work! So awesome and fantastic!...
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I love how you managed to capture all of their different personalities. Lovely painting, dearie!
Oh, very nice. I love the delicacy of your line drawings and the wonderfully balanced composition! It's breathtaking!
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very nice work ... i thought about this idea several times , but i didn't know that someone really made it as a painting ..
well , i watched Jeremy , Robert , and Benedict ...all of them was good and amazing in his own way -as you said- but for me .. Robert is my favorite at all ....
congratulations to be the first one-i think-who transfered this pretty idea from imagination into real.
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you didn't saw russian one) Her Majesty told he was absolutely amazing and the best Sherlock forever)
and thank you)
MuhammadRajab's avatar
you're welcome ,i assure you i will watch it , as i am excited to.....
one question plz :Who is her majesty .....!? :) ;) :P
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I very much enjoy this, quite the outstanding collection of observational and deductive abilities.
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Too much brillance in one room ;) really well done!
Wow, this is amazing! All the different Holmes' are so well done, the Brett-Holmes as well, one recognizes them immediately! Hats off for you, and keep up the good work!
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