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Jack Point

This is a picture of my father as Jack Point, the tragic jester from Yeomen of the Guard. Written by Gilbert and Sullivan and set in the Tower of London, the character dies in the very last scene, at the Wedding of Elsie, the girl he loves, to the handsome Colonel Fairfax....
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Beautiful work! Love the sketchy look and the dark shadows. Jesters are usually so cheery and colorful but considering Jack's plight doing this in black and white is very fitting.

Although, I'm convinced he didn't die and ends up with Phebe! I am a firm believer in happy endings.
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I'm not sure what I believe about the ending.  For many years I went ahead with the notion that he dies in the end, as Gilbert said.  But I have noticed that a very large number of productions have also just allowed him to end up alone, with the short end of the stick.  I don't think Pheobe is his type, though.  In fact, I've always had a sneaky feeling that she's not as turned off by Shadbolt as she claims to be.  After all, he's always been there for her to pick her up when she bounces off her assorted "boyfriends"; he believes whatever she tells him (usually); he doesn't get so much as a kiss from Pheobe, let alone anything else--but he is always going to be there for him, however shabbily she treats him.  Fairfax is not the first, if you read the lines carefully, and I strongly suspect she's nowhere near as innocent as her father thinks she is.  In the Tudor era, sexual adventure was rampant, and she's made herself "available" to a lot of young men who she's taken a fancy to.  She's "more or less" engaged to marry Shadbolt one of these days, and I honestly think she expects him to be there as long as she wants to play the field.  No, she's not in love with him; but he's in love with her, and that makes him convenient.  

I actually used to know people like that.  "She" was a little-girl-cute woman who always had a crush on one guy or other, and thought nothing of passing out her favors.  Meanwhile, the one guy who was in love with her, and who would do anything for her, was always there to catch her when she fell.  It is a co-dependancy I don't really understand, but it is out there all the same, and Pheobe and Shadbolt fall into that catagory.
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I think it depends on how each of them is played. When I read it, I had Probe pictured as one of these silly teenagers who always has a crush on the latest cute guy (boys bands, Bieber) one of those type of girls. Silly and flighty but not usually seductive and innocent in her own way. Despite how little she knows of him she DOES seem to care for Fairfax in some way considering her reaction when she loses him. She still tried to protect him. Wilfred I saw as kind of creepy stalker materiel. Which is probably why my view of Pheobe is a little different. I kind of saw a toned down Biff Tannan. Dumb but kind of mean. Which, if he's played that way you've for to give Pheobe some credit for standing up to him. I'd always taken the "you used to like it" comment as she had tolerated him at some point but finally just put her foot down.

Of course , that's just personal interpretation.
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There have been a lot of different interpretations of this.  The impression I got was when I attended a college production put on by one of the schools in New Orleans (They have five of 'em), a very long time ago, and that was how they played Shadbolt.  It made sense to me.  None of the people in that version were particularly likable or sympathetic, though.  Lt.Cholmondeley was probably the most likable because he was so long-suffering, dealing with a collection of creeps.  Elsie was brainless and flighty, Point was conniving and hot-headed.  They dealt with him in the end by having him fling himself off a high wall.  Leonard and Kate were zeroes, Dame Carruthers was a nasty old witch in spite of her two magnificent songs.  Sgt. Merryll was so concerned with Fairfax that he seemed to matter more than his own daughter.  Pheobe and Fairfax were pretty much as I saw them, and Wilfred was such a stupid creature that I don't think he had the brains to be anything but a loutish, stupid slob, but at least he was sincere.  And yes, I agree - Pheobe drifts from one teenage crush to another, and Wilfred is like some big, dumb jock with no brains whatsoever who follows her around like a sad puppy.  There was an old made-for-TV version from the BBC that inexplicably cast Joel Grey as Jack Point.  You would think Joel Grey, of all people, would have done a fine job, but no!  He was awful.  It will be interesting someday to see what the Seattle people did with it.  Curiously, they do not have much on their sitepage for it.
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Yes, he could end up with Phoebe...otherwise the poor girl gets Shadbolt!
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I love Jack Point. I think you captured the essence of his character so well in this picture too...the shadows and the roughness are so melencholy.
"When a jester is outwitted feelings fester, heart is lead..." <3 Awesome job! :w00t:
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