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Alan Rickman as Antoine Richis in Perfume

This is a watercolour of Alan Rickman, as Antoine Richis, that I began as a demonstration and completed at home. I did scraping out for the hair, with the very fine hairs in cream watercolour (white with a little yellow ochre). This was the only place I used white - the strong highlight on the right side of his face, is just the white of the original paper.
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Apr 1, 2013, 4:49:08 PM
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Thank you so much! A wonderful tribute!
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really oAo) wow it's really watercolor... amazing :D
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:wow: Wow!! Fantastic painting!! It's really Alan Rickman, you've captured him perfectly! :clap:
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Thank you very much :)
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Wow! This is amazing! :D
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very very pretty! :D can I post this in my Alan Rickman fan club on Facebook? as a link ;)
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Yes, of course you can. I would be honoured. :)
'Supp, Potter?
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lol - I suspect Harry would be laughing at the wig!
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Astonishing work!!!
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Thank you very much :)
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wow... I've been a fan of yours for a while but this blows me away. Would love to see your technique sometime. Not only is it a perfect likeness, but I've been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to understand how you got the hue shifts on the forehead and around that left eye of his... Amazing work, well done.
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I work with layers and I try to stick to a limited palette. The other key thing, if you are going to do washes (with watercolour or acrylic) is to choose transparent colours. All portrait flesh tones are red, yellow and blue. So I stuck with Raw Umber as my yellow, Brown Madder Red as my red and pthalo blue - although I only used a hint of the blue at the start in the mix and to suggest areas of thinner skin and stubble. Once I started adding brown I didn't need the extra blue. Once I'd blocked in my basic very pale washes (being careful to leave the highlights on the side of the head white. The shadows were gradually added to my yellow and red using Mars Violet and Sepia. That's it! I did most of the face in about an hour and a half (I know this as I was demonstrating watercolour portraiture to a group). Hope this helps :)
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Thank you! This was a great set of information. I've only ever studied oil technique so the idea of "my yellow, my red, my blue" is a little odd at first, but makes perfect sense in a world of transparency.

Don't mean to wear out my welcome, but one other question: do you do a lot of colour mixing "on the palette", or is it mostly layered pure colour? Your colours are so vibrant I suspect the latter but I do wonder.
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No, I do mix most of my colours on the palette, but I often add touches of the red or just the raw umber to warm areas, ditto blue to cool them. But the secret of vibrancy is just keeping the colours transparent.
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