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SA | Tahla June Prompt
"Summer is here and it's time for fun! What is the most fun your character has ever had?"
Tahla’s ears flickered about, attune to the slightest changes in the ambient noise as his nostrils flared heavily. Muscles rippled under his darkened coat, weaker than his prime days perhaps, but still without a doubt marking him as a formidable opponent; a stallion not to be trifled with. His navy eyes scanned the brush dotted landscape with vigilance, alert to any sign of the ones he was looking for.
A sudden crack had him swivelling around, a soft snort echoing from his nose as he whirled around, trying to pinpoint its location.
There it was again.
This time there was no doubt in his mind where the noise came from; a small, sheltered rock alcove not ten strides to his right, entrance covered by a bush whose branches were all but ripped bare by desert winds.
With confident, unwavering strides he carried himself to the entrance, horn hove
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SA | Kaomi | Stationary Merchant by Mad-Manx SA | Kaomi | Stationary Merchant :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 2 0 New Girl by Mad-Manx New Girl :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 1 2 SA | Eshana Process Meme by Mad-Manx SA | Eshana Process Meme :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 5 2 SA | Again, But Better by Mad-Manx SA | Again, But Better :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 10 3 SA | Ualda Process Meme by Mad-Manx SA | Ualda Process Meme :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 2 0
SA | Ualda | April Fool's 2018
Something was wrong.
Without knowing how or why, Ualda was utterly certain of that fact as she blinked the last of the sleep from her eyes, squinting in the dimness of the ship’s quarters. Beyond the wooden walls, creaking in an all too familiar fashion, water slapped the side of the ship in an unsteady beat. Her meager belongings were secured at her side, and above she could hear no shouts or priming of weapons that suggested they were under attack. Yet still, the mare was unable to shake the sensation that something in the world was well and truly wrong.
The familiar, grounding presence that prevailed in her chest, through her very bones, felt as though it was absent that day. In its place, something altogether foreign seemed to have formed, tugging at her soul in a peculiar way. Unlike the steadiness of the blessing Kaia had bestowed on her all those months ago, this magic seemed to be ever shifting, as though unable, or simply unwilling, to remain trapped within the ve
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SA | Ualda | March Prompt
"There seems to be some chaotic energy in Hireath. What strange things are happening to your character?"
She hadn’t slept in days; though it could have just as easily been weeks with the way she felt.
The mare wished she could say she had gotten her sea legs, embracing Cascade’s domain, after a few weeks at sea, but it would have been far from the truth. Ualda’s head spun constantly, a nauseating combination of sleep deprivation and sea sickness clouding her mind on a daily basis. Her body cried desperately for sleep; and yet continually seemed to revolt against her the moment she allowed her eyes to droop close. It was a frustrating existence, and Ualda found herself desperately wishing for the day they could return and remain on dry, unmoving, land.
On nights like this, when the sea was still and calm, Ualda had taken to patrolling the upper decks of the ship. The crisp air aided in chasing away the tightness that clung
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SA | Zahra's Astral Tracker by Mad-Manx SA | Zahra's Astral Tracker :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 1 0 SA | Tahla Roleplay Meme #2 by Mad-Manx SA | Tahla Roleplay Meme #2 :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 0 3 SA | Devasha Roleplay Meme #2 by Mad-Manx SA | Devasha Roleplay Meme #2 :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 0 0 SA | Devasha Roleplay Meme #1 by Mad-Manx SA | Devasha Roleplay Meme #1 :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 0 1 SA | Zahra | Cadet by Mad-Manx SA | Zahra | Cadet :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 17 13
SA | Tzilia Checkpoint 2.1
“You accidentally got your hooves on and drank a bad potion. How do you feel?”   

The world spun around her with a strange intensity, pinpoints of light above somehow meeting the ground below in a dizzying combination. Her head itself felt light and distantly fuzzy, body immersed in warm numbness that wasn’t altogether unpleasant. The cool night air had somewhat allowed her to collect her scattered thoughts, but still the young mare was finding it difficult to keep her mind focused on one thing at a time. Tzilia’s hooves clicked against the ground with uneven strides, struggling to keep herself upright as she stumbled down the cobbled streets, praying to Cascade that no one would have the thought to question the teenager stumbling home well after dark- the last thing she needed was her mother finding out about this latest escapade.
She knew she should never have accepted the procured potion,
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SA | Tzilia Roleplay Meme #2 by Mad-Manx SA | Tzilia Roleplay Meme #2 :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 1 0 SA | Tzilia Roleplay Meme #1 by Mad-Manx SA | Tzilia Roleplay Meme #1 :iconmad-manx:Mad-Manx 1 6


Vaga-goons (2/3) by SaintPumpkinMuffin Vaga-goons (2/3) :iconsaintpumpkinmuffin:SaintPumpkinMuffin 25 8 Leaders of Chapter 6 || Ready Or Not by FaunaFawn Leaders of Chapter 6 || Ready Or Not :iconfaunafawn:FaunaFawn 48 8 BIRTHSTONE ADOPTS | CLOSED by queerly BIRTHSTONE ADOPTS | CLOSED :iconqueerly:queerly 171 32 Make a face | SA by lemonyh Make a face | SA :iconlemonyh:lemonyh 42 15 SA | Pixels by foalish SA | Pixels :iconfoalish:foalish 20 4 Blind Bag Pony Drink Adoptables - Closed by GingerBlues Blind Bag Pony Drink Adoptables - Closed :icongingerblues:GingerBlues 7 21 SA | Collab meme by sansatine SA | Collab meme :iconsansatine:sansatine 9 1 Some Precious Pons by FireBirdFalling Some Precious Pons :iconfirebirdfalling:FireBirdFalling 39 10 Eshana Icon by corruptedcorvid Eshana Icon :iconcorruptedcorvid:corruptedcorvid 12 4 2nd Batch, Bad Ass Ladies by savannauni 2nd Batch, Bad Ass Ladies :iconsavannauni:savannauni 8 10 SA | Sand kids and Co. by fynli SA | Sand kids and Co. :iconfynli:fynli 72 5 SA | Alet | Star Chart by Sasha-Arctic SA | Alet | Star Chart :iconsasha-arctic:Sasha-Arctic 3 3 SA: Tall Like Daddy by Squiggy13 SA: Tall Like Daddy :iconsquiggy13:Squiggy13 9 2 Chapter V - Marching On by lemonyh Chapter V - Marching On :iconlemonyh:lemonyh 36 17
SA | Character Wrap-Ups
Thought I'd write a few lines for my characters so people have an idea of what happened to them. 
Ithran has been dissatisfied with the Vindicator's modus operandi for some time now. One night he left, leaving two notes, one for his Paladin and one for Eshana. The Vindicators assume he was lost somewhere in the wilderness as he has not been heard from since. Stories of a strange horse in a mask and cloak freeing slaves in Valore have dwindled and disappeared quite quickly and it is presumed he was found out and killed by Chevaliers. The truth is that he was badly injured in a raid and a knock to the head cost him his memory. He was taken onto a ship by smugglers along with the slaves he was trying to free, and taken far to the south of Sedo. He opened an inn there with one of the other former slaves and assumes he was a pit fighter. He has no interest in seeking his lost memories and lives a happy life as an innkeeper, as far from war as he can get.  
:iconsongsofinfinity:SongsOfInfinity 1 1
SA | some gucci headshots by fynli SA | some gucci headshots :iconfynli:fynli 101 8



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Anyone have some book/series suggestions? 

After a long spell, I'm finally getting back into reading frequently and wouldn't mind some suggestions for new ones. I loooovvee science fiction and fantasy, and just finished Artemis by Andy Weir and The Corroded Man (fantastic read if you've played the Dishonoured games). 



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