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Wonder Girl, Drusilla to her Amazon sisters, has returned to Man's World eager for adventure! However, when a chance to capture an escaped Nazi spy presents itself, the Amazon Princess find that dealing with German spies isn't easy; especially when they are armed with chloroform. 


So this story was inspired by the lovely picture :iconsleepy-comics: did of the Baroness chloroforming Wonder Girl, 

Wonder Girl Chloroformed 2017 by sleepy-comics

I loved the image and wanted to craft a story around it. If your curious, the mention Marcia is actually from Wonder Woman's original pilot episode. The episode features a great fight scene with her and Wonder Woman, definitely worth a watch if you hadn't seen it. I figured it would be fun to include her in the story as well. 

Hope everyone enjoys this short story, and I hope to have more stories to submit soon. 

Image used with permission of :iconsleepy-comics: thanks dude!  

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baroness ; now wg change back to ur other id and follow us to the prison

wg ; yes follow

faust ; with this belt we can capture ww i think i;ll get her to a wresting match in germany we can say that her sister is there

baroness ; but not yet

both ; hehehehehehehehehe