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Monique's hunt for the world's most powerful superheroines begins. Setting a simple, but effective trap for Superwoman, the Heroine Hunter gets her first catch as she proceeds to meet Superwoman face to face, and much more. 


The first part of the Heroine Hunter story is here! If you did not see the prologue, this is a collaborative adventure with me doing the writing. 

:iconrustedpeaces: providing the fantastic 3D art for this story. Please visit his page to both check out and buy the full sized uncensored pics as well. 

Link to the pics can be found below. 

Heroine Hunter: Superwoman - Chapter 1 part 1 

If you enjoyed this first part, please support RP's work by purchasing his full uncensored set on his page! 
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CaligirlMar420's avatar

Oh me. This is incredible.

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

Amazing collaboration!

ROIROUGE's avatar

Great work, and very nice story, intense and very exciting too, i love it ! :D:love::meow::giggle::shakefist:

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it :)

gundam20012005's avatar

Jeez dude, youre started a magnum opus with this one. RP's images are at the top of his game but your added descriptions are something else. Bravo to both of you on this endeavor :)

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Thanks buddy :) I happy you enjoyed and felt this was really good. RP takes a lot of the credit cuz he came up with some awesome art here.

BlueBirdSuperheroine's avatar

Nice start. When you will release next one?

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Thank you! Still working on part two, but it will be out in the next few weeks.

DCsexy88's avatar
Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Thanks for thinking so!

Haywire3's avatar

Kickass story. Monique is sexy as sin. In a way, when Superwoman sees her, for the Woman of Steel, it is like seeing herself as Claire, but a more open Claire thanks to Monique's hot body. I wonder if Monique will get Superwoman to reveal her secret identity..I hope so.

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Glad you enjoyed it, and yep, she's living up to the idea of Femme Fatale

Haywire3's avatar

And what torments will await Superwoman? Yeah, Monique has been probably thinking of some for years.

BubbaJimJoeBob's avatar

Amazing story! I loved the trickery and ALWAYS love a good kryptonite scene ;)

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

Much obliged, glad you liked it, and yes can't go wrong with Kryptonite hehe.

AzureVirgo's avatar

Deliciously deceitful by Monique. Well thought out, precision execution. Figure she could kill either of the Things later, as Claire/Superwoman still needs to get put in the getaway vehicle, tied up, and be rendered unconscious. If Claire's takedown was this steamy, I'm anxious to see how Diana's end up.

Like before, I can only imagine how a scene like this would play out with Cassie or Mei.

Mad-Man-with-a-Pen's avatar

We'll see what happens with the two thugs in the next part. Glad you enjoyed the trap and seeing the sexy take down. More to come soon. Thanks for the thoughts :)

Not sure Cassie or Mei would be able to get away ;)

Haywire3's avatar

And if Nyx was the one Astra or Azure Phoenix was trying to fight off.

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