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Star Maiden Soundtrack Mix (Great idea Crimson!)
Crimson Vlkyrie had a fantastic idea, which with her permission, I decided to apply for the Astra-verse :) She crafted soundtrack selections for her characters and other OCs (including Cassie, thank you CV!). I loved this idea and found some favorite pieces of music of mine, which I can imagine associated with certain characters. I've had some of these in mind for a while, a few of which I'll listen too when writing. I hope everyone enjoys the selection and it adds to things when you read Astra and her friends' adventures! 
Astra Girl Title Sequence/Flying Melody: Wilderness-Taylor Davis
I first heard part of this wonderful music in the end credits for a science fiction production I watched. I loved the music they used and had to go track it down. Luckily, I found it and was able to purchase this off iTunes. I just love the melody of the song, especially between 0:24 and 1:32. While not a trad
:iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 3 12
Mature content
Supergirl: Trapped in the Dungeon of Shadow :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 12 11
White Ronin (Shadow Samurai) by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen White Ronin (Shadow Samurai) :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 10 15
Mature content
Supergirl: The Costume Caper :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 16 12
Mature content
Astra Girl #46: Truth, Mother, Spy :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 7 9
Mature content
Tales of the Astra-Verse: Earth-S :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 5 16
Mature content
Astra Girl #45: Family Ties :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 7 14
World's Finest by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen World's Finest :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 20 24
8 Questions and Facts with Amy and Cassie
Cassie and Amy sit themselves down on their couch, both are casually dressed, with Amy wearing a blue Astra Girl A-emblem T-shirt, denim shorts, and some sheer black tights. Cassie notices Amy’s attire.
Cassie asks, “Cosplaying me?”
Amy shrugs her shoulders and gives Cassie “I thought it was appropriate, giving we’re going to be doing questions and answers about you.” She leans in to kiss Cassie on the cheek.
Cassie blushes and quietly says, “Hey, you know me. I’m not big on being the center of attention.”
“Oh, stop it,” Amy touches her girlfriend’s tights clad knee, “Relax and enjoy having a little fun with this.”
Cassie nods her head in agreement and brushes her legs. She’s wearing a USAF T-shirt, with a pair of comfy short-shorts, and her favorite gray tights. Taking a breath, she says, “Okay, let’s do this.”
Amy smiles to Cassie, reassuring her as she then begins. “Hey
:iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 7 18
Mature content
Astra Girl #44: Viral Skydiving :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 11 17
Mature content
Astra Girl #43: Trending :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 8 17
Streamer (Emily Vaus) by Mad-Man-with-a-Pen
Mature content
Streamer (Emily Vaus) :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 13 11
Mature content
Astra Girl #42: #starmaiden v #streamer :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 9 15
Mature content
Astra Girl #41: Saving the Day :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 9 17
Mature content
Superwoman The Movie: The Lair of Luthor Part 2 :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 21 14
Mature content
Superwoman The Movie: The Lair of Luthor Part 1 :iconmad-man-with-a-pen:Mad-Man-with-a-Pen 17 14


Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman by petnick Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman :iconpetnick:petnick 80 14 COSTUME  6 by doctorsin111
Mature content
COSTUME 6 :icondoctorsin111:doctorsin111 5 2
Countdown to Avengers Endgame-Ranking the MCU
The end of an era comes tomorrow.  Whether you love it or hate it, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one of the most enduring and amazing feats in cinema history.  11 years, almost 22 films (as of Thursday) and no signs of stopping even after we’ve submerged the world in the tears that will probably flow from many in the wake of Avengers Endgame.  I wanted to do something to commemorate the event kind of like the reviews I did last year with :iconMad-Man-with-a-Pen:  So this time around, im counting down from worst to best, my rankings of the MCU movies from Iron Man to Captain Marvel…and awaiting the heaping helping of backlash I know im gonna get cause a couple entries aren’t higher (thinking about one movie in particular).  Anyway, on to the recap and one more thing: Please…for the love of God #dontspoilavengersendgame.  While im def seeing it tomorrow night, not everyone else will so let’s give it a week before we sta
:icongundam20012005:gundam20012005 2 17
Kryponite exposed by Fater77
Mature content
Kryponite exposed :iconfater77:Fater77 3 0
Winter by Inspector97 Winter :iconinspector97:Inspector97 45 5 GODZILLA: Prepare to Throw Down by KaijuSamurai GODZILLA: Prepare to Throw Down :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,497 116 Lena Luthor by NikiFrost Lena Luthor :iconnikifrost:NikiFrost 9 0 Wonder Woman 221 1 by rms19 Wonder Woman 221 1 :iconrms19:rms19 5 0 Wonder Woman 221 2 by rms19 Wonder Woman 221 2 :iconrms19:rms19 4 0 Wonder Woman 221 3 by rms19 Wonder Woman 221 3 :iconrms19:rms19 5 0 Comic Cavalcade 19 1 by rms19 Comic Cavalcade 19 1 :iconrms19:rms19 3 0 Linda Thorson by rms19 Linda Thorson :iconrms19:rms19 8 0 Supergirl Sketch Cover by SunsetRising-Art Supergirl Sketch Cover :iconsunsetrising-art:SunsetRising-Art 10 2 Planet Comics by rms19 Planet Comics :iconrms19:rms19 2 0 Lynda Carter by rms19 Lynda Carter :iconrms19:rms19 3 1 Princess Diana by rms19 Princess Diana :iconrms19:rms19 5 0

So we've done 70s Supergirl, 80s Supergirl in peril, well, which Supergirl should be next for a story? 

23 deviants said Modern Day CW Supergirl
8 deviants said Silver Age 50s/60s Supergirl

Journal History

Hi everybody! 

I've been quiet on the journal front, sorry abut that. Luckily have been posting stories and we got the first storyline finished in Astra Girl Vol. 3 :) Getting ready for the next one which get more into Amelia's family, particularly her Mom who we've not heard a lot about. I also came to realize that we're going to hit a major milestone with Cassie's adventures. The big 50 is coming! Yep, we'll soon reach 50 chapters of Astra Girl, and...not quite sure what story to do for it. A couple ideas are banging around the olde noggin but haven't settled on something yet. Do have a piece of artwork to celebrate it with, but going to hold onto that for now. 

Going to try and expand Cassie's world as usual with Vol. 3 but also include some familiar faces and make some changes to others (is someone getting powers? Maybe... ;) ) I also want to continue expanding the rogues of Cassie's world. Streamer's a new face and I'm glad people enjoyed her. I'm thinking additionally of some new super-powered foes, non-powered ones, for Cassie and Team Astra to face as well. 

Additionally, with me seeing Captain Marvel (I do highly recommend it, the film was a lot of fun) I'm considering another Marvel/DC crossover and if we're being honest, Marvel/Supergirl crossover LOL. Especially since Carol shares a last name with the awesome sister combo of Alex and Kara. Just need to figure out the idea, and how much to borrow from the comics/movie/show and weave everyone together. I have a few thoughts as to how it can go. 

Alternatively thinking about some superheroine peril stories, as I usually am LOL, but nothing quite has come to completion sadly. I can't seem to decide between long ideas, or trying to do something short and simple. I admire the short and simple because a lot of the stories I read early on when I was finding my love of superheroine in peril tales; was with shorter stories. Plus, I do worry a longer tale I wouldn't finish. Maybe I'm overthinking it. 

Anyway that's what's going on right now. Let me know if you've got any questions, thoughts, or comments. Hope everyone is enjoying Astra Girl along with whatever else comes onto my crazy page LOL  
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Doing some Astra thinking today. A question for people, Azure Phoenix so far hasn't quite had a foe of her own. What kind of nemesis should our lovely mystic martial arts superheroine have?
Thinking about another SG story (as you can prob tell from the poll). I've got a rough idea of how to do it, but curious what people think. Would you prefer to see a more known villainess in this 80s Supergirl idea or someone you hadn't seen or a created villainess for the story?
Rey by Mad-Man-with-a-PenNever expressed how fraking awesome the Episode IX trailer was. Seeing Rey all in the zone as a Jedi, was sweeeeeet! 
Okay, so if you've been paying attention to chapter counts in Astra, I'm nearing #50. I feel like something special should be done for this one but...I'm not sure what that should be. Too soon for Amy and Cassie to be married. Also too soon for the big bad of this Vol. So, throwing it out here to get the gears turning, what would you want to see for Astra #50?
So, no Lex in this week's episode but his hand was clearly at work here. I can't help but quote ID4, "It's like in chess, first you strategically position your pieces, and then you strike..." 


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I'm just a guy who enjoys science fiction, superheroines, sleepy stories, beautiful ladies, and combining all those into fun stories. You'll find a mix of classic heroines like Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, Batgirl, Spider-Woman; scifi heroines like Amy Pond & Clara Oswin; DA characters; and some original characters of my own. Sure they tend to run into trouble, get knocked out, tied up, and placed in peril, but they always come out ahead in the end....usually LOL.

Anyway its all in good fun, thanks for stopping by!

Proflie Pic, my own work :)


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