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Steampunk GLaDOS

I wanted to do this for a very looong time, so here it is! :woohoo:

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WOOOOOW!!! Great!
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this looks freakin amazing, dude this is incredible
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Neat! Stick a top hat on her head and it'll be pretty funny!
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:lmao: this is great! i love it! :ahoy:
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:iconportalgladosplz::Fer science ya monster!
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holy shit this is bad ass!
Mad-Mad-Muffin's avatar
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She looks bloody amazing! Love :happybounce: 
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Nice! Did you edit the model textures for this?
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No I just photoshoped a picture from the game... ^^'
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Love love LOVE THIS! :heart::love:
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Thank you so much!! :heart:
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Okay, I'll bite.  What happens to GLaDOS when she runs out of steam?

It'd be pretty hard for it to happen, I'd guess, because Portal 2 is completely run on Steam!  XDDD

(Yes, I would like some more Pun-pernickle with my tea.) :nerd: rvmp 
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Haha, well I believe there is a steam core which take care that this never happen... ^^
Won't you prefer some delicious and moist cake with your tea? Coffeecup 
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WOO steampunk looks awesome great job
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this is soo cool!!!
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