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Family in Development

see my latest journel entry for in depth blah blah.
but basically, one disfunctional family, usually kept behind closed doors in the private home, presented to the publin on a construction site where they are either a developing family or a dilapidating family..
everyone is given a role at birth.
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Great concept & great shot.
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love this, brilliantly done!
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A great idea in a great shot !!
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Well conceived piece ....
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how the hell did i miss this????
this is brilliant
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Hey Jess,

Great developing body of work! I love what you wrote in your journal about it and I look forward to seeing more.

Only one thing that kinda gets to me. Although it is all a matter of perspective and interpretation. This line, and others like it: "everyone is given a role at birth"

I tend to disagree. I believe that, though we may have inherent traits that define us and are inescapable, and we may be somewhat molded by our environment and our parents, we also create ourselves. Or at least, we have the potential to do so. I think that self-creation may be the "role" we are each given and it just depends on whether or not we choose to accept that role.

I guess, in other words, I'd like to see a flip-side continuation of this project where the individuals step outside the box of "norms" and "conditioning" and "practiced apathy" and make the changes they think only exist in their dreams. (In your beautiful metaphoric style, of course!)

Hope you're well and loving life.
All the best,

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hi Gitta, thanks for the comments.

but yes, that is what defines the role straight from birth, the way we are molded by our parents, the way they treat you, by your sex, as soon as yo u are born. get it?

thanks i hope ur work is going well too.
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hey i've seen that somewhere - i'm glad u finally got one where the kids werent moving so much =D :clap:
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well believe or not, i photoshopped everyone together from the other images!!!
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thats amazing! i'm so impressed by this work :)
so much time and effort into this! is it for school aswel or something?
the construction tape is a great touch
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hehe, well all work is my work in general, but its handy to let it co join with uni too!! which it does! its all one big work!! lol
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haha wicked - LOVe the concept. Is that Thomas?
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oh yes!! it sure is Thomas!
he is good at pointing a chicken wing.
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hehe nice one :)
Are you based in Melb?
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yeah i sure am..
a little bit more on the country outskirts tho!
but its all the same!!
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