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(Commission) Star Dream

Here is a full colour commission of an MLP pegasus OC by the name Star Dream, created by :iconfellmoon:

If you are interested in a commission you can view my pricelist here; Commission Price List by Mad--Munchkin
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I really like your style
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is his/hers cutiemark an eye? i can not make out what it is
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Yes it is an eye, the green color taken from Star's eye color.

Her special talent is learning the past and future through her connection to the stars... as in she talks to them and they tell her things. Yet such is not without her flaws, as she doesn't often understand what she is being told until the events take place, the future, or another tells her what it may mean, the past. What she learns are at best snapshots.

In roleplay this talent doesn't often come into play, often used as a sort of danger sense, and I only use it with permission of the other players. In fanfiction, I admit I would use this character often as a plot device more then anything else. The seer others meet who gives critical information, yet that which is often not understood until later.
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so basically she can only understand fully an vision from the stars when it's fucking to late?
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No, not exactly. Her visions would still be useful before whatever it is taking place, it just isn't fully understood often times until after the events that place.
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but if the vision is not clear enough at the time before or during the event, wouldn't make it a bit "hit or miss" ability?
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Yes, I admit I did that for balance to avoid her talent being too powerful or allowing her to be story breaking. I self limiter on the character if you understand such, as seeing the past and future, learning the deepest secrets of others, can be quite effective.
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so it could be said that set back on her powers make her more of an tri-dimentional character as it builds an persona around it, if she was all powerful with no flaws it could be as well as classifying her as an deus ex machine, is that where your getting at?
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Yes, pretty much. Perfect and unerring ability to see into the past and future, the hearts and intent of others, is far too powerful without something to balance it out. In a way I feel that is why seers are often written with flaws, whether they be having blindness, madness, others not believing what they say, and what they say being shrouded in riddles or allegory.
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Oooooooh pretty.
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