Hehe it's my birthday...

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Yeah...June 13th, the day I was born. Normally every year, I dread this day, but it isn't too bad so far. It may only be 2pm at the moment that I am typing this, but I still got a full day..ish. My first birthday away from home. Now THAT is a change. I am no longer considered a teenager.

But anywho, the last 2 days before my birthday really cheered me up on this site. I didn't expect ANY of this to happen:
1. I submitted an art work (Death of a loved one) and it rocketed higher than I thought. A LOT higher. Never had that happen in a lifetime.
2. I got a Daily Deviation (Violinist Oil Pastel) which I was extremely happy for and I definitely NEVER expected it. I would LOVE to thank limnides for that. It really made my day.

I considered those to be early birthday presents, judging by the fact that it happened on the 11th and 12th, so it counts.

Lastly, thanks to those who are watching me. I hope you all have a great day. And it doesn't even matter if no one reads this, I'm still happy :D

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Happy birthday, have a great day :hug:
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Aww thank you :glomp:
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Happy birthday! My birthday is five days from now, but you probably don't care! lol!
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Oh really?! I do care!
Happy early birthday! :D

And thanks! I really do hope you have a good one :hug:
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Happpeh Birthday~! :glomp: And wow. =o You must be pretteh happeh 'bout your early ''birthday presents.'' Congrats! ^-^
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I am pretty happy!!! :D
And thanks a bunch :glomp:
How has your day been?
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Your verreh verreh welcomez.:cuddle: My day has been pretty good, 'cuz I managed to draw four pictures to post up on DA.. minus the fact that I don't have a scanner ^^''.. Every DA member needs a scanner for survival. :'( Other than that.. I'm great. ^^
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Ohh I know. I wish I had a scanner!!!
Waaaait, I DOOOO have a scanner muahahahaha!
I just asked my friend if they have a scanner and they dooooo.
Cos I'm with them now. Woohoo!


Now I gotta check out your pictures.
And I am glad you are great. Stay that way! :D
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-cries- My pictures aren't posted up.. 'cuz MSH SCANNER IS LEH BROKEN!!! DDDX :cry: But.. I drew an adorable emo chibi o.o and a wolfie with a scar down his eye, a wolf emblem (I'm gonna use as my DA I.D.) and an anime girl crying. CHU ARE A LUCKY DUCKY FOR HAVING A SCANNER D: Or rather having a friend.. that has.. a.. scanner o.o :3
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Yeah...but I have nothing to scan :(
No art supplies at the moment, they're all gone :(
And you should just take photos of your stuff, that's what I always did before haha.
Then you can show everyone what you drew! :D
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True, true, so very trueee o-o I should. That would be the smart thing to do... but I have bad luck and my camera's memory card doesn't fit in the computer. I have bad luck. :cries: Anywaays, what ya up to?
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Aw it doesn't fit? :(
Do you not have a cord for the camera?
And as of right now, I'm just relaxing, sitting at the computer, being bored haha.
What about you?
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Happy Birthday. x
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Thanks a bunch :)
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Happy birthday!!! :party: :iconsoftglompplz:
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Thank youuuu :D
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:aww: you're welcome, dear :)
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happy birthday^^
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Aw thank you! :hug:
It's been a long time since we've talked, how are you?
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im good, my last exam is on monday, so im ready to get tha over and done with! how are you? having a nice birthday?
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Good luck on your last exam!
And so far, my bday has been pretty relaxing.
I enjoy it :D
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