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For some odd reason, I just randomly became obsessed with drawing anything I see which I think would look great as a drawing. Mainly charcoal. Actually, ALL charcoal. I have a charcoal obsession. I am not afraid to admit it: I LOVE CHARCOAL!!!

It's been such a while since I focused on my traditional art. I guess I miss it so much now. I have to make up all the lost time I spent NOT working on my traditional. So if I keep this up, you would be seeing a lot of charcoal works being put up on my page, even if they suck! I might get lazy though since school is starting on Monday for me, which means less time for myself again.

Why couldn't my charcoal obsession kick in 3 weeks ago? Ah...


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Charcoal is fun just make sure to seal the drawings or they smudge like hell...
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yeah i know haha. i have a question: when do you sleep??

you seem to be awake at odd times.
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I sleep when I am tired witch varies by the day...
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school tomorrow. you better get your full 8 hours of sleep then.
although i should be telling myself that as well.
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I'll be fine, I usually dont sleep when I have class anyway.
Stay up all night before and sleep when I get home.
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you are even weirder than i am. :nod:
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We all have our quirks.
Will I see you at school tomorrow?
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don't know. when do you have class? what class?
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It's nice to see more people enjoying the traditional form of art. Charcoal is a great medium and you seem to work well in it. Keep it up!
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thanks christina!
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