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Violinist Oil Pastel

By macys
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Original from: =directionsforpest's beautiful photo: Violinist

The lovely OIL PASTELS :D done in strips. 20"x20".
Took me a good few hours, no more than 6. I'm rather a quick worker when it comes to traditional arts.

It was done on white illustration board and I pasted the 3 strips on a 'black on black' board with spacing in between each strips.


I got a DD!! :dance: Never did I think I would ever get one!
Man was I so happy!!!!
Just ask ~Peanut-Olive for my reaction. He saw it all.
Out of my excitement, I ran straight into the bathroom door and all you heard that moment was a :clunk: and then a :squeal:
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Lovely work on this one! Just started with pastel and this is definitely inspiring to me.
Keep up the great work!

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wow, first I must state I love art and music, its a perfect marriage. you have done an extraordinary job
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I love work with Oil Pastels, this has just pushed me to be better!
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I am just now learning about oil pastels, so when I saw this I was intimidated, and very much impressed. Gorgeous.
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Hi there! I featured this gorgeous
piece here. Hope you like it! Thanks
Quick warning it is a mature collection
so probably not safe for work viewing.
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frickin AWESOME!
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This is incredible. I just went to an art workshop today and was got a very basic demonstration of oil pastel technique. At this point in my educational arc, I can't hardly imagine how this beautiful of a composition was done with them. I was having difficulties in blending colors together, and everything looks so "dirty" and muddy - how did you ever manage to keep this so clean? Do you clean your sticks after each stroke?

I also heard that using turpentine or turpenoid can yield some interesting blending effects, too, but haven't tried it yet. It that a technique you employ often?

I am fascinated. This is outstanding. I hope you have it for sale in a gallery somewhere where others can appreciate it in person.
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I've been so absent from this site, I'm sorry for such a late reply. But for blending, I usually light my sticks with a lighter to soften the tip to prep it for better blending and I do wipe them down to keep them clean. Thank you :)
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As a fellow oil pastel artist, I must say this is excellent! Truly, you are among the few who have mastered the medium.

Which brand did you use?
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Sorry for the extremelyyy late reply. But I THINK I used pentel. It's been such a long time.
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nice! look my gallery meaby there is something good:)
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Brilliant. I love it. I'm still trying to get the hang of pastels. >_<
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Very pretty! Love the shadow! Bravo!
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This is a beautiful portrait! Congrats on the DD!
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awesome!!!!! :XD:
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I enjoy with paints. Feel his touching, his pigment.... fantastic
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this is so beautiful! would you mind if i did some strip thing like with a guitar. i don't want to do it without giving you permission. i just got oil pastels and want to practice.
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