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Gruss vom Krampus!

I’ve wanted to draw Krampus for a while, so here is something for holiday feels. ^u^
Original is about halfway done traditionally, mirroring for other side and edits done in photoshop.

If I forget to say it before Christmas; have a happy and peaceful holiday everybody! Holidays 
Kids; behave, so Krampus won't come and get you!

Prints and more at Society6:…
And also at RedBubble:…

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This is wonderful!
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This is so freaking cool.
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can I add this picture to a youtube video? (you would get credit for the artwork)
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ahha I love that you drew this.  My friend that always draws Baba Yaga was talking about him, and I have no idea who the Krampus was, and then BOOP you drew him.  I'm like OOOOOOOooooooooo ahhahaha  But he looks way cool in your style.  I like you gave him a very simplified form that is silhouetted almost in some spots that still clearly defines detail, and then you have the other areas that are super detailed/hairy in appearance.  They contrast well with one another.  I must say though that his forever long Gene Simmons tongue is cool but somewhat creepy.  I suppose that is the point of the Krampus though!
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Oh wow, that's awesome!  X) Hope you had a raucous Krampusnacht!  One of these days, we'll make this a more recognized holiday!
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This is seriously one of the best Krampus pieces I've seen.
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That's super cool.
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Fantastic dark fun love it reminds me of some beast in my novel
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Wonderful, really striking piece 😊
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Reminds me of Samurai Jack. 

"Bye-bye Samurai!" La Aku 
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Awesome work! Hehe mirroring is always a useful idea.
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