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Filly Spitfire on cloud by MacTavish1996

Sketch by :iconmoonlight-ki:
Link here -…
Time - 2h 30min
SVG File -
You may use this Vector if you credit me properly.
(If you do use it, leave a link!)
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© 2013 - 2021 MacTavish1996
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rautamiekka's avatar
Aww, if just she was remotely as cute now.
MissIp's avatar
love the hair
ArmerSchwarzerKater's avatar
Such an adorable artwork! Great work, it looks awesome, little Spitfire is so cute! :la:
SkronashRex's avatar
:squee: Muy Adorable ^^ I like los Ojitos :squee:
BeOvah's avatar
D'awww, this is soo cute ^^
Dhalbakken's avatar
Nnnnnggghhhh... Safari keeps crashing every time I click the "Download Image" button...
I really enjoy this pic, and I'd like to download the full-size image, but [i]this thing[/i]... *Slaps his computer*... just doesn't want to work... Lol.
Zaxisa's avatar
Why is this so adorable!
mortalshinobi's avatar
quite the adorable vector here. nice.
MacTavish1996's avatar
Thanks people for comment :)
The-Flying-Vee's avatar
Aaand I have diabeetus now
AsaharuTatsumi's avatar
yeliahakre's avatar
aw she looks so happy :meow:
ThatCleverF0x's avatar
If the soda I'm drinking doesn't give me diabetes, this will!!!! :heart:
GiromCalica's avatar
da faic

is the superweapon of cuteness
DeJiKo07's avatar
broznik592's avatar
Oh man this is adorable.

And for some reason it reminds me of that girl from Calvin and Hobbes.
SonicBreakbeat's avatar
Lailyren's avatar
Mówiłam, że jest lepsze od mojego bazgrołka :P
FireFlash-FrostBlast's avatar
Landmark520's avatar
That is so cute. I love the smile and the hair clip.
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