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You're allowed to modified the skin

Update (05/01/2013)
- fullscreen (1920 only)
- Lyricshow
- New logos
Update 4.0.2 (05/09/2013)
- Library Tree added (Download the plugin link below)
Don't forget to import your music folders:
File>preferences>media library>add...
- Rebuild of the skin
- New logos
Update 4.0.3 (07/10/2013)
- Biography added
- Auto-downloaded version implemented (NOT COMPATIBLE 1920)
- Online button to switch between auto-downloaded and normal version
Skin only installation (file from deviantart not mega)
There is 2 "*.cfg" files:
You need to put them in your configuration folder:

Normal installation:

Portable installation:

CLEAN PORTABLE VERSION (updated to 4.0.3)!C9AwCTAT!FbhDZ3tU……

Artists folder if you need one!PkZDhRqD!OS8LIw-M…

Logos (Updated 07/10/2013)!b9YTjZiB!b2gCVyxg…



Columns Ui
Panel Stack Splitter
Channel spectrum panel
WSH Panel Mod…
Lyric show 3…
Waveform seekbar…
Playback Statistics…
Custom Database!7wQ0VR6I!Ozi6axI6…
Library Tree



download the file
extract to fooXgen4
place the folder to your "skins" folder (if you don't have one, create it)
launch foobar2000
choose columns ui instead of default user interface
go to file>preferences>columns ui
in main menu click on import, browse to fooXgen4 and load fooXgen4.0.3.fcl

uncheck the safe mode of wsh panel mod

for logos (if it's available in the "logos" folder): You need to tag "LABEL" (Universal Music for exemple)
If you need a logo, let me a comment or you can go to logovaults or logopedia


Artist picture to the "Artists" folder
with the tag "artist name", "album artist" or both

ex: Marilyn Manson.jpg
Lady Gaga.jpg

sorry for my poor english
and thanks to everyone who make this possible.

A problem:
let me a comment
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Hi! you still have a link for CLEAN PORTABLE VERSION?? TY!
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Hi everyone
Sorry I'm not really present since a lot of time (trying to do a new skin but it didn't work like I wanted so I give up for some times)

LadyShiva you can do what you want with my skin and my artist folder.
For the online mode it's because the size of picture are small.
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Hey I'm curious, what does clicking the little "online" button do? I clicked it out of curiosity, and it pretty much nuked my install and wiped all my custom settings (making a dark mode version for myself because I have an ocular disease). I had most of it backed up, but I had to start mostly from scratch, and I have no idea why it happened or how to disable it.
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Would you mind if I uploaded the portable version of your player with an expanded version of your artist folder on a forum? I'm working on an artist pack for Vocaloid, and I'd like to gauge interest in the project by letting people easily test it out. I would of course link here and give all credits to you :)
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Why didn't I find it earlier :)
Love it!
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Dude this is amazing! I love your style. I had a few ideas you think you can look into it?
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hello boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen ;)
help me please I can not install the skin - could anyone give me an already established program

many thanks in advance!!!
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Hi Mate

Any update on your next project on this ?
It's been a year :(
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Very modern! But I think if take "Channel spectrum panel" to cover over "Biography", to save screen space.

like this:…
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Hi Mac
Just to letting you know that your skin is suits the best for my preference (i tried numerous player).
Album Art
Artist Wallpaper & Lyrics & Bio
Oscilloscope & Bitrate Info
- just what I needed.

Couple of suggestion that you might consider:
1. Can the album art display (the outline) bevelled and shadowy effect + shiny features - feels like bit bland
2. Can the artist wallpaper height increased?

p/s: Wonder what fooXgen5 will look alike? Totally different look? 
MacStew's avatar

1. will see what can I do.
2. it's in my to do list

For fooXgen5: It will be different.
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If you want more stuff ask me what you want. I will try to improve the skin while building fooXgen5
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Is still the current version? It would be sad if you're not updating this awesome skin anymore... :)
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Link to "Custom Database" is not found.
Any mirror pls ?
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Hi I'm trying to download the "CLEAN PORTABLE VERSION (updated to 4.0.3)" link however Mega is asking me for a decryption key in order to download the file. Am I missing it somewhere? I read over the whole page and found no mention of it. 
Thanks. The skin looks great! I can't wait to try it.
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That is weird the decryption key is in the link it's next to the second "!" (FbhD....)
I added new links
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tested 2 times, and he didn't ask for a decryption key
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Thanks it downloaded perfectly. It's an awesome skin!
I just wanted to clear two things up about the art. As you can see in this (…picture, album art is populated in playlist view but it does not appear in the larger format when it's playing (where you can see the "no cover" image unchanged).
The other thing is I was wondering if there was any method of automatically fetching the big artist pictures as well?

Thank you very much for your hard work and your responses!
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Try this:
go to file>preferences>display>album art>front cover
and add the name of your album art
ex: cover.jpg, folder.jpg etc...

and restart foobar 2000
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Is there a way to make it use the art fetched from lastfm for that album art picture? 
I tried pointing the thing to:
C:\Users\Pavel\Desktop\foobar2000\lastfm\album\%artist% - %album%*
But that still didn't change the "no cover" picture. It did however mess up the album art in the playlist view so I removed that source.
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Try to embed the cover in your mp3/flac etc... with ex: mp3tag

if this still doesn't work try to reset the skin.

Try to reset the skin: Right click on the big cover : splitter setting : go to global variable and delete all, apply, ok
Try to reload the skin: File>preferences>display>column ui> Look in MAIN click on import (fcl importing and exporting)
Browse to: your foobar2000/skins/fooXgen4/ and load fooXgen4.0.3.fcl

I can't reproduce the problem so it's little difficult for me, sorry.
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Ok I know what will reproduce the problem. The issue is that I'm trying to make it automatically fetch the art using the biography servers.
So if you go to biography servers > Misc and then check the checkbox to provide artwork to other components, you will notice that the playlist view artwork will populate but the currently playing track's larger version will not.
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