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Peacock frog pond reflections by AngiWallace
Steaming Mushrooms... by DeoIron
Autumn Is Here! by VBmonkey26
Lipotriches ceratina by melvynyeo
Flowers and Plants
Anemone bordeaux by AngiWallace
small beauties in winter by MT-Photografien
small beauties in the forest by MT-Photografien
Melitaea cinxia by rajaced
Spiny flower mantis on mushrooms by AngiWallace
Orchid mantis eating flesh fly by AngiWallace
Misumena vatia lll  by albatros1
Squirrel by KlaraDrielle
Aperture by Eibography
Acrobat by JulianRad
Summer house by Daykiney
Safe and Sound by Kizuna-chan
Blackberry Lips by alexskyline
Calm and Gentle by spark-of-edge
The World just makes me sick by juggleart
Intense touch by AlejandroCastillo
Drizzling Chocolate.... by DeoIron
Baked Bread... by DeoIron
Salmon and Asparagus... by DeoIron
Water, Ice and Droplets
Purple by Eibography
Winter by albatros1
Rainbow Fairy Dust by Lilyas
Fantasy by Blanchii
Macro Tutorial: the essentials by alexgphoto
Macro Photography Essentials-what you need to know by alexgphoto
backgrounds tutorial by ivadesign
reversed lens tutorial by ivadesign

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MacroPhotographers is a group dedicated to macro and close-up photographers, both amateurs and pros where they can share ideas, tips, experiences and show the world their art!
Founded 14 Years ago
Dec 9, 2009


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Art Creation

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Join Requests:

:bulletred: All join requests are subject to approval.
Please make sure that in your gallery you have a separate folder titled "Macro and Closeup", and in it the work you are most proud of. We check all applicant's artwork before we make a decision.
If you have no such folder, it is possible that we will have difficulties locating your best work and decline your application.

:bulletred: We will only approve new members with galleries containing at least 15 high quality macro photographs (that follow our submission rules - see bellow)
However, in rare cases of galleries with fewer shots but outstanding overall quality, we may accept them for membership at our discretion.

:bulletred: If you don't have any macros in your gallery, but you're interested in our group's updates, you can watch us and enjoy the updates a member would receive, but without being able to submit.
:bulletred: If your membership request was rejected, it doesn't mean you are banned forever from this group! You may reapply when you have a sufficient amount of quality macros in your gallery.
:bulletred: Please spare a few minutes to take a look around our gallery and see the standard of the works we accept before you're asking questions regarding your rejection.

Submission Rules:

:bulletred: Members can submit 1 deviation/month to each category. Contributors 3 deviations/month. All submissions are subject to approval.
:bulletred: Submit your photo to the appropriate category.
:bulletred: Submit only macro and close-up photos with magnification over 1:2
:bulletred: You're allowed to submit human macro, but no mature content.
:bulletred: Do not submit close-up shots of drawings, paintings, photos or text.
:bulletred: The macro shot must be taken by you! We will not accept stock photos with some color, contrast or other changes.
:bulletred: Photos that contain textures, dA logo, or any other kind of manipulation are going to be rejected.
:bulletred: We do not accept diptychs, triptychs or any kind of photo collages.

Reasons for rejection:

:bulletred: Your photo was submitted to the wrong folder.
:bulletred: Your photo has a magnification below 1:2.
:bulletred: Your photo has a lack of focus and/or detail, is underexposed, overexposed, too noisy or has a general bad quality, wrong composition, disturbing elements in the background on the shot or the lack of cut in these case.
:bulletred: Your photo contains mature content, a texture, a stock photo or is heavily manipulated.
:bulletred: All our decisions are final.
Our admins vote on all submissions, and while we have general guidelines regarding technical quality, we also take into account artistic merit.
You may enquire under your submission as to why it was rejected, and we will do our best to answer. However, any argumentativeness or insults in response to our decisions will not be tolerated and may result in a permanent ban.

Thank you! :aww:

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Hans-Trapp Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2023  Hobbyist Photographer
I have spent some time to look at the photos shown in that group and I was very impressed by their quality. Thanks a lot for being accepted.
artomberus Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2020
Where does this arrogant elitism come from...
No guys. I avoid such groups. Create a folder and put your best works in it. And we will think about whether to let you join the group or not. I hate it. I hate and don't understand all such groups. 
DeoIron Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the request again! :) (Smile)
DeoIron Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2018  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the request! :)
280077s Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
I'm a new watcher of this group, I'm curious, does anyone know of any photography featuring macro shots of, say animal skill cells, or really, really close up shots of non-microscopic animals such as humans, etc? 

I love that kind of photography, but unfortunately its really hard to find, especially of non arthropod animals or animals that aren't bacteria, and its even harder to find photos of people that aren't of the eyes.
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