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I have spent some time to look at the photos shown in that group and I was very impressed by their quality. Thanks a lot for being accepted.
Where does this arrogant elitism come from...
No guys. I avoid such groups. Create a folder and put your best works in it. And we will think about whether to let you join the group or not. I hate it. I hate and don't understand all such groups. 
Thank you for the request again! :) (Smile)
Thank you for the request! :)
I'm a new watcher of this group, I'm curious, does anyone know of any photography featuring macro shots of, say animal skill cells, or really, really close up shots of non-microscopic animals such as humans, etc? 

I love that kind of photography, but unfortunately its really hard to find, especially of non arthropod animals or animals that aren't bacteria, and its even harder to find photos of people that aren't of the eyes.
Thank you for the request! :) (Smile)
I have just gotten my first macro lens so don't have many macroshots in my gallery, but will watch until I have enough :) Great gallery