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Five comics I’ve written are being released this summer! All of these are for readers age 18 or older. First up June 24 is my latest collaboration with Rukasu for Muscle Fan Comics. It’s titled Love Muscle. A woman scientist is using a special cream that makes her muscles – and her beau’s “love muscle” – grow, and grow… and grow…You can get this comics with a one-month membership to Muscle Fan! Next up on July 16 is a superhero title from Transform Fan Comics called Department of Useless Heroes. After being granted unexplained powers accompanied by bizarre transformations, a group of misfits is gathered to work as heroes. Art on this one is by Andrestronik of Altercomics, who has done a great job with it! You can get this comic with a one-month membership from Transform Fan! July 24 will see another Muscle Fan Comic I wrote released, and the conclusion of a series I started sometime back. She Fell From the Sky 3 tells the story of a woman from our world who was transported to
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I’ve got a busy spring 2021, with six new comics due to be released. The first is out next week, as “Three -Way Experiment 2” is set to be made available March 24 to Muscle Fan Comics subscribers. The scientist behind the formula seen in Issue 1 is now using it herself with the help of a female bodybuilder and male investor. How will this trial run work? Rukasu again provides the astonishing artwork. My new comic out April 1 is not an April Fool’s Day joke. It’s “Reduction of the Innocent” for Shrink Fan Comics. The image at the top of this journal is from the cover. Police hoping to get a confession douse a robbery suspect with nanites designed to shrink a person every time they deny their crime. The problem is, Katelyn Finn really didn’t rob the jewelry store, but the nanite don’t make that distinction. With every denial, Kate dwindles smaller and smaller. How small will she get, and can she somehow be cleared? The incredible art is provided by the great Hmage. The April 4 release
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My new comics this winter all are set for release later in the season, with two of the three in the month of March. First up is "Steampumped 4," the conclusion of the story arc begun in Issue 3, in which Victorian-era heroine Lucy Strang, aka Edinburgh's "Leather Lady," must rescue her beloved James Gilvary from the Jet Men who kidnapped him. It's to be released Feb. 10 from Muscle Fan Comics. What will Lucy encounter when she gets to Loch Ness? And watch for a cameo of a character from Giantess Fan and Monstergirl Fan comics! Amblagar's art adds to the awesomeness of this comic. March 2 is the next of my upcoming comics. "Smart Car" is a Transform Fan Comics release about a scientist whose efforts to implant her brain engrams into a smart car actually make her the car. Now she's in a race against time to get back to herself -- literally. Art on this one is by LRC of Sedna Studio, On March 4, "Getting Into the Food 2" from Vore Fan Comics features the investigation into the
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It seems that a part of Giantess Fan Comics is reprinted without permission.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Thank you for the fave !

You’re welcome.

That “Bodacious“ art is my favorite from you, so far.

Hope to see more of that one.

Thanks for the favs on my Wasp images! I have more of her in my edits gallery folder and more on the way