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Male Veiled Chameleon yemen

By macrojunkie
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The Veiled Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus), is a large species of chameleon found in the mountain regions of Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It is also sometimes referred to as the Yemen Chameleon.

A male veiled chameleon, with a characteristically masculine casque. Foot spurs are present, though not clearly visible in this photograph. (Specimen at the Museum of Science, Boston.)The male veiled chameleon is green in color and, depending on mood, this green will range from a bright lime green to a red olive drab. The green base color is marked with stripes and spots of yellow, brown, and blue. Non breeding females and juvenile chameleons are generally a uniform green color with some white markings. Breeding and gravid females are a very dark green with blue and yellow spots. The prominence of these markings is dependent on several factors including health, mood, and temperature of the lizard.
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1/125 second
Focal Length
60 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 13, 2008, 12:23:10 PM
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will be or has been used here:
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Awesome photo! :love:
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naturefender26Student Digital Artist
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ringorulesStudent General Artist
look at those teef! I want one...
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baba49Hobbyist Digital Artist
:wave: featured: [link] :iconfeatureplz: :love:
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Awww..... looks like mine!
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Very good photography. You must've been really lucky to get this shot.
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impressiv :)
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yemen is a country haja
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Haha.. Isn't he a beauty :love: Is it yours? And how old is he? ;))
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NimilyHobbyist Digital Artist
Chameleons are very sensitive. I hope he wasn't too traumatized by this. Animal abuse isn't worth a "good shot".
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macrojunkieProfessional Photographer
lol.dont be daft,they open there mouth all the time..when they get to hot and if u move to fast..just cause its mouth is open doesnt mean its being traumatized..this was when he was a baby..hes now a 2 year old adult in perfect a caring person.i just have the camara on the side ready and i was lucky to have the camara handy when he did it..its always on standby ;)
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NimilyHobbyist Digital Artist
Good to hear. I was concerned because I had a friend who kept taking her chameleon out and it ended up dying. I have another friend who works in a pet store and says they only act that way when they are very scared or upset.

Glad you didn't do anything to harm him. They are very sweet and cute little creatures.
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Details are amazing.. the face expression so weird and full of energy! LOVE THIS CAPTURE!!

:clap: :D
One in a million! :D
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macrojunkieProfessional Photographer
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This amazing photo has been featured here: SUPPORT ART (August 31 - September 30) ;)
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macrojunkieProfessional Photographer
thank you :)
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TrapikiHobbyist Digital Artist
@OpalMist Thought of me when he saw this.
I love it! It looks like he's just going RARR! I bet he was none too pleased about a camera shoved in his face.
But he's a star now. :giggle:
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macrojunkieProfessional Photographer
thank you :)hes always been a star..just waiting for the right time to shine :)
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macrojunkieProfessional Photographer
he hates my camara..stresses him out and he tries to fight it..hence why i dont shoot him any more.i dont like to stress em out..takes em hours to recover.
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TrapikiHobbyist Digital Artist
They say you should never work with animals and children...
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macrojunkieProfessional Photographer
lucky i dont work then isnt it;) its all good fun:) when i do work im a labourer for a brick layer,currently off sick tho due to a few things going on in my life at the moment,
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TrapikiHobbyist Digital Artist

Well, these things pass in time, I hope you get better soon! :hug:
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You captured this moment beautifully and its a must for my "You made me Smile" feature, always on my front page. [link]
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