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Jumping spider series 1

Jumping spider.not native to uk..bought off the Internet..i dont know the name of it.very hard to shoot tho with out loosing..size was about 8mm
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Look at those cute nom wigglers!

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This is An Awesome Photo!!!   Even if He/She is 8mm!
I mean, that's pretty small..  But HUGE for a a baby!  Phidippus??

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Jumping spiders are like the little puppies of the spider world am I right? Just look at this little cutie!!
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she's so cute and you know usually i hate those bugs
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Awww She is so cute !!! Cute Emoticon Blushing
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What big eyes you have! :happybounce:
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cute oO  (and it's an arachnophobic who say it ) 
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damn i want one of these soo bad!~ so cute!~
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OMG sooooo cute and an incredible shot!
Puppy Dog :heart: is melting here :3
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Nice portrait !
Jumping spiders are my favorites ! They are so...charismatic.
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It looks like a cute little ball. :D
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...why his eyes are so beautiful?
geez...i'd like to hug it xd
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Unbelievably cute!
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So cute... Love it...
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So fucking adorable. I love jumping spiders. :D
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You make spiders look cute! Although, the jumping spiders are slightly cuter than most spiders...I'm not sure why that is.:confused:
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aww he so cute.

gr samantha
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Amazing photo!! very cute jumper!!
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bought of the internet
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Cool! How you feed then??

You have an amazing gallery! Congrats!
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feed?sorry u have have lost me.i dont understand your question
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Hum. You bought him from internet. I was thinking you have spiders for pets :D

Sorry for my bad English!
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