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Commission for Ariade, a request of a dragon head seen in different angles. This deviation was my guide - Views of head
Drawing the same thing multiple times and still making it look like the original is incredibly HARD for me (yeah it would be easier to draw digitally on tablet, IF I HAD ONE) & it's clear which angles I draw often and which I... don't. Some of them look genuinely ridiculous. Shrug 
Hope you like it anyway! 

Please keep in mind I'm not a professional artist and picture seen above is not the only right way to draw a creature's head. As long you're aware of this fact, feel free to use it as reference! 

mechanical pencil, Paint tool SAI, texture
art (c) me
Do not steal, trace, repost or otherwise use my art without permission.

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© 2015 - 2021 macroeyed
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Wonderful thank you for making this. They say when in doubt box it out, but I couldn't grasp how to do horns, what is shown, and what isn't. Hopefully this will help my noob ass.
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good luck with learning! don't take this pic by heart, there are pretty many mistakes. you'll get much better grasp how the perspective of horns works by studying pictures of horned animals.

same goes for basically all the tutorials on creatures. you'll learn much more from the reality itself than somebody's interpretation (it's harder, but worth it)
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the only dragon head pose is the different directions from behind the head
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I ought to try this sometime! It looks like a lot of fun to do~
You did an amazing job!
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Thanks a lot!!
It was fun + it clearly shows your weaknesses and points to angles to practice. Looking forward to your own creation! c:
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I've been eager to break away from side views and learn how to do other views, and I have to say that this is extremely helpful xD  With this, it's easier to see how the head/parts work and such in other angles. thanks for this :la:
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Thank a lot for feedback - I'm actually surprised you, as a far more advanced dragon artist, find this useful! :la:
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You're welcome~ :la:
asdfghj thank you <3 but I never broke away from the standard profile view. I stuck too it for so long, but I've been trying to break from it :XD:
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I wish you all the good luck! c:
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I wonder how you would show the chin spikes on the topmost reference. Might involve some shadowing or something.
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The top one is unfortunately slightly inaccurate in its spikes position - they should overlap each other a bit. Does this answer your question? 
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Oh I see what you mean, you're talking about the spikes on the jawbones? Yeah I agree with you :)

I was actually referring to the spikes on the chin (tip of his maw). They kind of fade away the way you drew it when he is looking upwards. I'm not sure if it's supposed to do that, but I'm sure if you added some lightning effects, they should show back up again.
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Oh, I see! seems like I completely forgot to add them. :XD:
They would definitely be visible - a bit less than on the head below the top.
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This is a great reference! Very useful, thank you!
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No problem, good luck with doodling more dragons <3
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Great reference!
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Omg this is epic they look the same XD perfect work!
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Super-good reference on how to draw the angles of a dragon's head!
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I'm glad you find it useful (: 
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