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C: I n s p i r a t i o n

By macroeyed
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Point commission for Chaluny - since now I had no idea water deers were an actual species. All photos featuring a cute little deer with huge fangs designed for ripping souls always looked a bit photoshoped to me but hey?? I need more water deer in my life or at least on my shelf for skulls. 
So yes, here's Chaluny's fantastic OC Sel Kea with a badly sketched brush stroke...and bad editing. Looks much better irl. 

Thank you for commissioning me, hope you like it!  

Commissions info
mechanical pencil, Picasa, PSE 
character (c) Chaluny
art (c) me

More of my deer art!
C: Dead-end by 8Ryuu8Summer breeze [commission] by 8Ryuu8Deer God [commission] by 8Ryuu8
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© 2014 - 2021 macroeyed
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Okay okay,
I'm slow, I'm so slow...
But I liv thie! :love:
Sel Keä ma babü. He looks really cute, hihi.
I like the jumping pose. Gosh those little hooves.
Thanks a lot :hug:
macroeyed's avatar
huh, i didn't expect you to comment. xD
i'm very happy you like it. :heart: 
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Awesome job :D keep it up
macroeyed's avatar
Glad you like it nvn 
Ooh, this is really pretty! I love skull deer ouo
macroeyed's avatar
Thank you a lot for a lovely comment! I love skull deer either. c: 
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I never knew they were a thing either, but man do they look nice! :D
Really love how you posed this critter as well. ^^
macroeyed's avatar
They indeed do! c:
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Hmm, ty už jsi na ty jeleny expert, normálně :D Každý nový jelen je lepší a lepší a ta šmouha dole nevadí :3
macroeyed's avatar
...ta šmouha byla úmyslná. xD
Díky! :D
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I think water deers are quite terrifying. Like, they look cute and such but then suddenly FANGS?!?!!? O.o Gods wat are you doing gods staph making fun of creation it's not funny
(although it doesn't mean it wouldn't be rad to have water deers in Europe UuU)
the brush stroke looks pretty tho, you could have more contrast while editing. The drawing is pretty as always, no need to tell UwU
macroeyed's avatar
Yeah that would be rad. uvu 
Yup, wanted to keep some softness the original irl picture has but I failed to do so. D: Now it doesn't look smooth nor sharp. ewe
Thank a lot dear! C: 
Unistonen's avatar
That's why sometimes going with sharp is better than nothing, imo (at least it catches the eye more unless it's too much)
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Going "too much" would be far more worse with this piece as it was meant to be shipped. In these (shipped) cases I want the digital form aka the one I post here and everywhere to look similar to the actual piece. 
You're absolutely right about "eye catching", I will have that in mind next time. c: 
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