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C: Clear Sky

By macroeyed
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MaySohma's eastern dragon character Takumi commissioned by kind Inghelene as a birthday gift - happy delayed ;-;  birthday!! 

playing with body possibilities of serpentine dragons is my favourite hobby  

mechanical pencil, coloured in Paint Tool SAI
character (c) MaySohma
art (c) me
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© 2015 - 2021 macroeyed
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It's so... shiny. The scales gleam. They GLEAM. The individual tufts of hair swaying in the draft, the twisting body (looks a little flat near the centre, but I'm an idiot when it comes to perspective anyway so ignore me) the beautiful whisker that just turns so gracefully. Gorgeous, serpentine tail and reptilian glare.

Beautiful, completely, irrevocably beautiful.
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you're too kind to me <3 :tighthug: 
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There's no such thing as too kind~
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Aaaah! I am so late for commenting on this!
I mean, I have been staring at this ever since you submitted the piece, yet it takes my breath every time! :love:
You've just done such an absolutely wonderful job at his design, and show it off excellently trough the pose! :D
Additionally, the details are fantastic. The way they add to the design without stealing the attention away from the character... Ah!
Thank you so much for this wonderful work!
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...and I am late at replying to you. OTL
D'aww I don't even deserve this ;A; Thank you for a wonderful comment, I'm very very glad you like it!!! :tighthug: 
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That's not late compared to how late I was. :'D
But you are very welcome. :hug:
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The subtle scales are gorgeous!
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And very tiring to draw one by one. >:
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Ah ;A; What can I say ;A;
It is glorious. Love it. Love your style, love the simplicity, your very take on my character is great - and your hobby of experimenting with serpentine dragons is awesome, because that is really the most important point about having them cx
I just, ah... Inghelene is really too kind, commissioning skilled artists as yourself to draw my weird characters. Thank you! ^^ 
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Yeah I think so too, Ingelin is truly an awesome friend to have. (: 
It was my pleasure, Takumi's design as eastern dragon is neat and enjoyable to draw in particular. c: Glad you like him <3 
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Indeed C:
Oh, thank you~ He is an old character, so I'm a bit unsure about his simple design. But thank you, glad you like him as well ^^
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Nmmmff So good so wonderful and good. -clings-
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man, I want this as a tattoo
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man, that would be fantastic 
thanks a lot for you comment! 
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this is so pretty! well done :wow:
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glad you like it! :la: 
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wonderful in its simplicity and colors! I really love the composition with such an dynamic pose :love:
I also love how you drew the fur ans scales! Wonderful work, as always (:
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*blushes* thanks a lot for lovely comment :hug: 
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jeez dude this is amazing
why are you allowed to draw dragons ok and i'm not
have u seen mine
their all
and icky


but seriously good job its really cool i gotta commission you one day i swear to god.
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nah my friend your dragons are ancient & majestic winged beasts like from legends and high budget hollywood movies 

it would be my pleasure omg <33 thanksss
by the way are you okay lately? is there anything i can do for you to cheer you up or did i just misread something? :c 
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Aww, to je naprosto úžasné!!!! :la: Kéž bych uměla tak nádherně kreslit :heart: A úžasná kombinace barev i kompozive - tělo východního draka není vždy lehké vtěsnat do obrázku :D Tobě se to opravdu skvěle podařilo ;)
macroeyed's avatar
Kompozice ala nudle vznášející se na obloze byla menší experiment a jsem ráda, že to trošku vypadá k světu. : D 
Děkujuu moc!! c: 
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