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A Much Cooler Explanation for Aurora Borealis

By macroeyed
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Do you crave more art and more dragons in your life? Why not buy a 2018 dragon calendar made by czech dragon community?
Spoilers: this picture is going to be part of it.
Check it out at

Collaboration done with Kaarhai, check out the WIP here.
Also, I've oficially run out of titles. 

art (c) me, Kaarhai

Do not steal, trace, repost or otherwise use my art without permission
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This is so mystical and amazing. Your talent is outstanding.
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thanks! you're too kind :) 
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The green glow is super cool. You did a great job on the lighting and all those scales
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.........Woop, sorry I got spaced out gazing at those awesome details.
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woop thanks!
unfortunately I think I might've added way too much detail, it seems kind of flat to me rn. (as most of my pictures do tbh. my golden rule - when you lack in knowledge of anatomy and perspective, add detail!)
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Hahahaha, I understand the pain :'D I usually try to add a lot of contrasting shades/highlights if I do a very detailed  project (well, "detailed" in my terms lol what's patience) It helps establishing depth a lot more. In here, I think the colourist (I don't know which one of you did it) did try to do that and it works pretty well :)
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oh! wow. this piece is simply
but really thump up on that sweet color work and detail
work that you have accomplish there ;) 
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glad you liked it! :heart:
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Ur drawings are 100% f*ckin littt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Keep it up :)
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This is gorgeous
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fucking badass,good job.
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