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By mACrO-lOvE
UPDATE 1 : Turned the anti aliasing ON on all the widgets, so now the text looks much more smoother.I request you to download the zip file again.


I present you with OBSIDIAN, a skin for Rainmeter . A complete set of very small and customizable system monitoring widgets for your desktop.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock.The name is derived from this because the color of that volcanic glass is Shiny Black & so are the color of the Widgets(Black and Glassy feel to it).

1.Clock - Shows the current time in 12-hour (AM-PM) format.
2.Calender - Shows the current date,day,month & year.
3.Drive - Shows the space left in a particular drive.U can change the drive in ini file.
4.Gmail - Shows the number of new mails of your Gmail account.Put your username & password in the ini file.Updates new mails almost instantaneously.
5.Network - Shows the current Upload and Download speeds.
6.Recycle Bin - Shows the items in the bin & their total size.
7.System - Shows the CPU and RAM meters.
8.Weather - Shows the current weather in your city.Put your city code in the ini file.Get the codes from
9.CAD skin - Matching CAD skin with the above obsidian suite.Not included in the above zip file.Download from here - [link]

Icons Used - Devine icons - [link] by ~ipapun .Got the permission to use these icons of ipapun, so a big thx to him.
Walls used in preview - [link] by ~dimage , [link] by *DreamerSeven , [link] by =ApproxArt , [link] by ~neodesktop , [link] by ~yc
Inspiring Artists - :iconmurasaki55: :iconotisbee: :iconpoiru: :iconfediafedia: :iconminhtrimatrix:

Fonts used - Calibri font and segoe ui.

Note - Right Click the widgets & click on settings,then uncheck the "keep on screen thing" to make the widgets move freely around the desktop.

It would be very encouraging if u like it,download it & specially use it :thanks:.This is my first real attempt, and there's sure to be lots of things I can do better. Please feel free ask me any questions or write any critiques- they can help me get better :)Hope everybody will love this skin & use it :).Comments,:+fav:s,:+devwatch: are always welcome.

This work is copyrighted, so i request not to distribute this & if u use it in any desk. screenshot, dont forget to give me credit.Thanks.

My other rainmeter skins-

© macro-love
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The skin is nice because you can use it in combination with other skins easily. Too bad that Gmail skin has no sound notifications for new emails. It's practically useless, and I needed it. Anyway, the skin looks great.

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I really like this but can you make the white border around the sections darker or black? The white just doesn't look good with the theme. Thanks. 
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latest Rainmeter 4.1 r2989 crashes when installing this skin so update or dump it....
the gmail doesn't work .... Even by following the instructions....
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This is awesome, thanks!
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Fantastic work! keep up the good work! :)
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Where I have to put my city code? I open the ini but I don't know where I have to replace it :s
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It seems the CAD skins has been deleted or something. Can we get a new link?
beautiful skin.
plz help me how to ...plz
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Please make a add on of Uptime of the PC :D

Great skin! Sorry for my bad english.
I love the simplistic nature of this skin. Thank you for making it! It makes my desktop the way I want it *finally*
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I made a player skin with yours.

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again, a great work :love:
and again no sunrise-sunset times :cry:
hey! i was wondering if you can put up the skin for itunes player? thanks in advance. just started using rainmeter today. So I have no clue on how to make a itunes player. lol thanks in advance
sorry for the double post.... Can anyone here also make something for yahoo mail? thanks. I've tried but im getting errors =(
hey! was wondering if you can teach me or give me the link for the itunes player? i want it too match everything, thanks
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Hey there, used your stuff in my desktop here :P [link]
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Dope, but I can't seem to get the gmail to link to my account
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read description :)
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