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To the Moon

By MacRebisz
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Painted for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on a Moon.

I still have hope that someday we will return there. :)
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Beautiful. Captures the sheer awe of the Apollo program, and the beauty of the endeavor.
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Please Please Pleeeeeease make this available as a Fine Art Print, it would be awesome in a composition for the "Art Theme Contest" 

By the way this is a masterpiece, bravo!
Absolutely beautiful!
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Beautiful drawing! I love the textures of the moon and of the clouds!

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The next lunar mission commander:"Lift-off, we have lift-off of the Orion Capsule and Altair lander on a mission to return to the Moon!"

I love i

Thank you, its beautiful.
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This is beautiful.
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The most amazing thing about the Apollo program for me has always been that the system guiding several thousand tons of steel, high explosive, and keeping three men alive, was equivalent to a modern pocket calculator.

Great artwork! I love the perspective!
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Damn! That's a scary ass moon!

But I'm sure we'll go back.
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We can and we will return!
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Wow, that's awesome. Thought it was a photo at first.
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thanks :) glad you like it!
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Beautiful. Love the way you can see the whole moon even though half of it's dark.
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We really need to get back up there.

It was easily the greatest achievement of humankingd.

Just can't beleive no-one's interested anymore.
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Heh...didn't realize I used that Alice joke already some time ago...
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One of these days Alice...
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yeah, hopefully we'll return or go beyond, and an impressive pic, too! ;)
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Wow this like really is cool. Poping out of the clouds ready to go into earths orbit. Stunning.
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"This is Ground Control to Major Tom, commencing Countdown - engines On..."

Fantastic piece!
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"Here am I sitting in my tin can far above the Moon
Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do"


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