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Sunflare Station.

Sunflare Station.

Photoshop CS3 and CS4 (yeah, it's finally out, IMO it's awesome, lots of improvements), some simple renders in cinema 4d.

no fractals used for the star ;)

hope you'll enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed doing it :D

click download for full 1600 x 1000 wallpaper size.
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Wow, I love this! *crops to screen resolution* :P
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Reminds me of the Vaygr station in Homeworld 2, especially with the style of the background.
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and that was my inspiration :) I love Homeworld and most of my works are influenced by it :D

thanks :ahoy:
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dude...i know i just got here(your gallery that is) but my god ive already got a lot of favs:D

ps. this is my new wallpaper:P
fullerenedream's avatar
Awesome. This is the best one I've seen in Science Fiction on here in quite a while.
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hey, thanks :) thanks for your support :D
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ja to bym dodal jakies mocno kontrastujacej tekstury na ta gwiazde, bo wyglada jakby byl na prawde bardzo "spokojna"
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chcialem bardzo realistycznie i raczej spokojnie :) nie lubie tych zateksturowanych słoneczek ;P
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Mocno efektowne ;)
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Very cool job, I like how natural the surface of the sun looks, and the eery dim glow that suggests this star has just about died. The strong red, yellow, black and bits of blue give this a really unusual "comic book" kind of style too 8-)
MacRebisz's avatar
thanks :) I've spent a while making that sun to look as natural as possible :D
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I love that sun! Did you ever take a look at the c4d tutorial I noted you?
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thanks mate :D

tutorial, you mean that one with asteroids? of course, I forgot to say thanks :D Actually I've seen it before, and developed my own technique using it :)
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