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I wanted to make some 'classic' space art piece for some time.

Fully painted, without using any textures or texture brushes, spherization filters, etc.

Photoshop, Wacom Graphire4.

Somehow inspired by ~ChrisCold's piece 'GIVE ME SNOW'
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How do you make these great space photos? They are AMAZING
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I love the hurricane!
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I'm amazed at the details you got with this one and it's even more impressive that this was done without any assistance. I'm impressed.
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I always wondered how it is possible to create such masterpiece. It is beautiful work, I am delighted of space art :thumbsup:
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I love the softer feel of it, not so sharp, almost wet. Beautiful :)
MacRebisz's avatar
yeah, but I still think it's a bit too blurry :)

cxard's avatar
there is some fault with the shadows/lighting ... :D but it is still wonderfull :D
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Thanks and yeah, I need to agree that the lighting isn't perfect :)
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:) glad you like it :D
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Great !

looking at something made from scratch really is refreshing, thanks !

god work :)
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'god work'? :D thanks XD
Long-Pham's avatar
mouahaha I didn't even noticed :) meant good but God seems appropriate too
MacRebisz's avatar
haha thanks again xD
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Connection? :o
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oh, and btw:

definition from Urban Dictionary xD

A stupid way of spelling "cool". Made up by morons.

no offence xD
SSRMNM's avatar
Urban dictionary as a source and you say I'm a moron? :p
MacRebisz's avatar
no, Urban dictionary says that morons use that word :) I don't say you're a moron :P
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nevermind xD

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