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Rainy Dawn

By MacRebisz
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Hmmm, not completely satisfied with this one.

Any critique more than welcome.

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Excellent ship design with a fantastic use of basic shapes to make produce heavy details and enforce the profile of the ship as well as the city around it. Another defining is the use of colour to make the ship stand out from the city around it. A second feature is the great and consistent use of technique used throughout this piece. A final feature which really stands out is the bright glow of the thruster plooms which is a highly eye catching factor but as well as the thrusters there is also the looming glow from the engines underneath the ship which seems as if it illuminates the city below.
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it's as if you opened a mirror portal to another world. :+favlove:
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Utterly Impressive. Two things I love most; rain and cityscape are making fusion here! It feels like looking the bright area of city from blacked out place!
Can't wait to see more of your project!
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I really like it- you really get a sense of the atmosphere the rain makes

Only problem I have is the big building with the ship behind it- somehow it looks a bit flat, maybe it's the light?
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Oh my god, that's just stunning. I'm so jealous of your skills! :D
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thanks :) it's just a matter of practice :D
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Very good, finally something classy!
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przepiękne <3
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Beautiful sense of atmosphere. :D
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You're welcome. :D
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i like it =3

& the "making of" is helpful, thanks for submitting it.
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Me? XD Thanks :D
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amazing >_<
uncurse me ;)
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hmmm I wish I knew how xD
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Very nice, but my fav ship concept was thisone --> [link]
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Yeah, I loved searchlight ship too, but it wasn't best one for the topic "Dawn" which was theme for this piece and I couldn't change it ;) I still love this concept and I will use it in future pieces :)

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first sight with the thumbnail seemed like a photo, which is good, nice mood and tone for the colouring, but when viewing full size, two thing came up, one of the biggest one is resolution, not nearly clear enough, even when there is rain. the rain itself, look like droppings ._. ... the closer ones, ever thought of using just clear reflective water?... which bends light, not blur them, or turn them to milky kinda thing. and Different persepctive yeah... kinda look like a fisheye view, but not really at the same time. How the large building on the right, and the building on the left has a very weird look, well it seems like a fish eye, but there isnt a fish eye curve to it. last thing is, it has no focus at all, when you are looking at it, first sight is great, but after a while, your eye doesnt know where it should be looking at... theres two huge contrast areas, one is the light on the building, the other one is the one far away... my eyes are just kept on switching between.
however, great detail, great mood, nicely done as usual, the above are just my personal opnion >_< please dont stab me ...
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hey, I won't stab you don't worry xD Thank you for your honest critique :) I don't like this piece from the very beginning, I still need to work on some parts. Thanks again :)


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