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Just a Planet. With 2 moons. And rings.

I wanted to make some "classic" space art for some time :)

Painted in Photoshop, some texture brushes used, special thanks to =tsarye for his awesome nebula brushes [link] and for =ViciousLint for some suggestions :)
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Very nice! A bit too much shadow on the main planet, with a bit too much highlighting on it as well (no signs of civilization on the light side, but lights on the dark side?) and definitely too dark of a dark side on the background planet.
the faint ring is lovely, but a slightly wider one would be more visible as it crosses the planet - or maybe just light that part of the ring more. Perhaps add some more small landscape features on the sunlight side of the planet, and apply the light filter on the background planet at a slightly different angle, try to imagine the plane they're rotating on and where the sun is - it shouldn't be the same for both, in my opinion
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This is an awesome piece. I don't have much to say about what could be changed. My personal opinion is that the dark side of the planet is a bit....messy? I think the white spots are unnecessary, and kind of take away from the beauty of the awesome planet you made. You have the composition down excellent, but again, I think removing the competition for attention (the white spots) would really boost people's initial reaction to the coloring in your main planet. You wouldn't even have to get rid of them all together. Maybe just make them not so...bright? Less is more. Just my two cents. Otherwise, I love it.
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Amazing. It's just like Saturn. Good job.
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Really nice image. I would like to use in a website. Is it possible? Do I have to pay or mention (and link) the author?


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this is what i need
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Some day, i had to paint like this
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It's not really a stock image available for use, but thanks for letting me know at least :|
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I'm so sorry :S i didn't know really...
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that's fine, no problem, just keep that in mind :)
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i will...sorry again...
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Awesome design here, it looks like it could come from a movie or a video game.
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Please, give me a name! I wish a name for it! ^_^

Any interest in contributing to NAEV, an open-source Escape Velocity-type game?

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Hey, sorry, currently I am not able to work on any more projects. Good luck with the game though :)
Oh, I'm just asking if I can reuse your existing work - like from off here. Would that be ok?
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My absolute top favourite!
Hey! This look sosooooooooo beautiful! My name's Jacqui, and I'm working on this project for my journalism class. I need to design a website and put pictures on it. My website's about a game I came up with where everyone lives on a planet that looks like this. Is it okay if I put this on the site? If so, how do you want me to credit you? Also, it's due tomorrow at 4 PM central...if you could give me your answer by then, that would be awesome! Thanks!
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Hey, thanks a lot ;)

Yeah, feel free to use this pic, just put a link back to my dA profile and it's fine.
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Hello, you've been featured in my weekly Digital Planets Poll.
Have a nice day :huggle:
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My pleasure :huggle:
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