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MQO class planet.

Here is my first real 3D planet done in cinema4d.

MQO class means that it is terrestial jungle/marsh planet with habitable desert.

I haven't figured out yet how to do nice looking atmosphere glow in 3d software, so I added it in photoshop.

Oh, and I need to make new cloud map in higher resolution (I use the same map cloud with minor modifications for most of my planets ).
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Thanks for posting. This helped with T3C.EoF.

Inspired by the After the end - Digital Art Contest, sponsored by The-Imaginarium .


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This was used in Astra and Stella, made for the August Photomanip Challenge, hosted by CRPhotomanipulation, for the theme “Playing with Fire”. :thanks:
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Thanks for posting. This was used for a small terraformed asteroid in orbit, in Terra: 3K CE, submitted to The New Millennium Contest, hosted by CRPhotomanipulation. Thanks.
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Used your stock here:
Thor and Loki: Nine Realms by Alexis-Frost
Thank you very much:heart:
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Looks really awesome!
Used with permission in the ezine StarFrontiersman Issue #20.…. Thank you so much for the use of the planet. your art is great.
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may i use this for a game( indie game) start page?
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sure, just credit me somewhere and link me to this website :D
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nice work and my planet work [link]
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Goood:D But why is it only 3D work in your gallery at the moment~ I wanna see more... :-?
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Epic planet dude! :)


I'll just have to excuse; I've used this on a spacethingy-tag that I made a couple of hours ago, couldnt remember the password for my account on dA before now, so didn't have the time to ask - I'm NOT good at waiting. :P No commercial use, I we're just bored. :P

Used here: [link]
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hay can i use this planet fr malien creatures because i realy need a planet to use for them oh and i was wondering if i could call the planet Osiris C...
if you say yes any way...

please answer back......
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Sure, why not, but just don't forget to credit me :D
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yah i can credit you oh and thnks i shall love it and i shall call it squishie...
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Man.... I really really need to learn how to make better textures after seeing so many designers such as yourself with the good textures. ;) Nice lookin planet although personally I would have made the atmosphere abit stronger.

question, is the cloudmap seperate? or were those on the original textures?
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how to make better textures? :D heh, all you need is practice, practise and more practice :D

about clouds - no, clouds are on separate sphere, a little bit larger that sphere with surface :)
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mmm, thats something I can't really add in photoshop i'm affraid. =/

nice work though
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Gotta get myself that damn program!
Did it take u long to master?
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heh, actually I don't know how long it takes to master, because I haven't mastered it yet ;D
I'm still very beginner, but I'm learning it quickly so I can say it's pretty easy :)
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That sounds like music to my ears!
cheers mate!
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:) no problem dude :ahoy:
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