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Lately I’ve decided to make a quick remake of one of the very first pieces that started my Space That Never Was project (I think you can guess which one ;)), a bit over 4 years ago.

And here's a little bonus gif -…

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So, how much thrust could these make?

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Absolutely love it!
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That is brilliant. Reminds me of that gorgeosu shot from The Force Awakens of Rey in the desert standing in front of those huge engines of the crashed destroyer. 
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This image is just so cool!
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What a grand sense of scale. Nicely done mate!
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soooo epic. Didn't think this scene could get any better! Love the gif btw.
If the engine fire up when the maintaince is running......oh my......
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holy shhit that ship is huge
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Im absolutely floored by the sense of scale that this piece evokes.
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Wow, this is cool! The texture and detail are great too. 
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cool idea...I like the scale =)
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"Engine test in 20 seconds"
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Rip Major Tom... Great work as always.
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you keep making those engines bigger hahahaha nice job :)
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Nice! These engines look incredibly powerful!
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