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City concept 3

City concept for FS project, again :D

Find more at #Psycho-Logics
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Oh man, nice job.
This is seriously good haha! Such a good approach to the cityscape i love it 
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Another sweet looking city, really like the contrast of sprawl to those huge obelisks.
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I really love the all the detail that you have captured in the city and the rooftops. I'm really curious to know how you did it. I can see some of the same elements in City concept 2. so is this a custom brush that you are using or photo manipulation with some over painting? I would love to know.
ShadowedAcolyte's avatar
This is a very compelling shot, especially since the lighting leaves the exact nature of the columns up to the viewer's interpretation.

To me, they are towering arcologies, high-tech buildings looming over the fields that provide them their food and raw materials.

At the same time, though, they could be giant natural rock formations, a gathering place for the widespread urban area clustered around their base.

Either way, it's a fantastic image. Thanks for sharing.
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very epic landscape!
alarso's avatar
Oh my god...
MikeAngeloMex's avatar
Coolness just keeps comming :D, leaves on the last one and birds on this one, make'em both feel organic, and somehow familiar.
MacRebisz's avatar
thanks, glad you like it! :D
vmulligan's avatar
Neat. Reminds me of some classic sci-fi art from the '60s. It has that sort of style.
MacRebisz's avatar
Thanks! I love that style too :)
GingerSnapz's avatar
Dude, nice work.
6-0-3-9's avatar
Haha i dont wanna invade this one its to nice =)
SSRMNM's avatar
That would be so epic in a game or something!
MacRebisz's avatar
Yeah, it will be epic in something, just wait a bit :XD:
SSRMNM's avatar
:o I demand a 3D scene D:
Pipera's avatar
Very nice technique for painting cities :)
pawelotti's avatar
Twoje arty są niesamowite :D
to też jest speedpaint?
MacRebisz's avatar
Można tak powiedzieć, 2h mi z tym zeszło chyba :D
pawelotti's avatar
WOW, no to ja nie zrobiłbym nic podobnego nawet przez parę miesięcy ^^
mbaldelli's avatar
:wow: Definitely an out of this world piece. I particularly like the fauna and columns in this picture as it gives it a most alien feel. :clap:
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