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Blue Pelican and a Tesla


Ok, so SpaceX and Elon Musk launched Tesla Roadster into space. What a time to be alive, but imagine what can happen years into the future. Here's my little tribute to that successful Falcon Heavy demo flight :)

"Sir, our scans indicate it's a... ehmm, a car?"

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Beautiful ! The colors are well chosen!

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wow. this is super cool!
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must be a very dusty corner of space for the scanner to show up like that AND cast a shadow.
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Personally, I though Elon launching the Tesla in space (with camera) was a grand piece of installation art.... perhaps a unpopular opinion. 
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Spot on as usual. Great work.
Yes, whoewer finds it will be probably pretty baffled...
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Oh yes, instant fave +fav 
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:) Not all that unlikely, since we know the vehicle's orbit.
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That is a massive upper stage.
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Proof that the Buck Roger rule* and the Golden rule# still apply.

*No bucks, no Buck Roger.
#He who has the gold makes the rule.
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I hate this car. Advertising? What a poor symbol for space exploration (something that makes you regret even the Pioneer plate).

He did this for fun. It’s not advertising because Tesla doesn’t sell these cars anymore. He did this to demonstrate the capability of his biggest rocket. and to pay tribute to David Bowie. But I respect your opinion.

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It's still an ad for the Tesla brand, and it's an insult to Bowie, not a tribute.

Sounds like a great business model.

Let's advertise a car we don't sell anymore!

Also yes , I'm sure David Bowie would be incredibly insulted to be part of ground breaking technological development! How dare Elon Musk honour him and his art by naming a part of history , a large piece in the puzzle of bringing humanity to the stars after Bowie!

We can’t know if he would have liked it but he was really into space and millions of people got to her his song. it cost Elon 90 million dollars So it wouldn't make sense financially as an ad.

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You're talking as if if advertisement wasn't a bad thing.
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