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Big Buddha

By MacRebisz
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Here's the story:

Big Buddha is a name of a giant spaceship which carries heavy mining equipment for mining operations on distant worlds. Mining Systems Inc. is one of the largest corporations manufacturing both mining/transport ships and heavy orbital and ground machinery.

Now a loooong list of thanks :) First of all many thanks goes to *TixoL because his collab with =thiagochackal gave me an idea of this . Don't know how you did that, but thanks :XD: Hope you'll finish that collab soon xD). Next thanks goes to everyone at #spaceart chat, thank you for your support guys! I owe you one (or two) :ahoy:!

UPDATE 2011-02-28

Added a few more details, larger res and prints :)
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super work, it#s very fine:) (Smile)
2Dillustrations's avatar
wooow , just epic beauty !
CADEH50's avatar
It's such a simplistic but yet effective design, good job
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this is SO homeworld 2
remcv8's avatar
Amazing piece!!! Color, sense of scale, light and depth... Awesome!!! The Buddha detailed on the side of the ship is way cool and when zoomed in to see that i really got a further sense of scale when saw the detail of the hanger bay... Man, that ship is huge!!! The first thing that caught my eye was the shape of the mining vessel and how it resembled the Sulaco... Sure this isn't a Weyland Industries project in disguise???
CapDoodleMcPhotoshop's avatar
Very Vaygr-esque! love it!
Fear091's avatar
Looks like something from Homeworld
Has a great "Homeworld" vibe, with its more vertical orientation and thruster glow. Love it!
TimberClipse's avatar
Hello! :la:

I wanted to let you know that I have featured this gorgeous piece in my latest feature. I hope you will take a look.
Best wishes.
BrianJMurphy's avatar
Wow, this is incredible! :D
jy02551936's avatar
i really love this big guy~
MacRebisz's avatar
:) yeah, i like him too :D
Brehnman's avatar
gr8 job !! wish id be at your skill-level
Flytch's avatar
Gorgeous :) All my attempts at similar things fall flat on their faces.... :P
mike-reiss's avatar
Fantastic image!
Reminds me of HOMEWORLD!
One of my favorite computer games!

Great Image!
MacRebisz's avatar
KiNeTiX-ArT's avatar
wooow love this :)

I wanna play StarCraft now :D
MacRebisz's avatar
:XD: Thanks and good luck :)
Vypor's avatar
I can honestly say the first thing that went through my mind when I saw this, (Besides HOLY CRAP!!) was the picture of Makaan's Flagship in Homeworld 2.

This is nonetheless, incredible.
I think I'll stare at it a few more minutes.


MacRebisz's avatar
Yeah, it's obviously inspired by Homeworld 2, but I didn't want to just rip any particular ship from the game, that's why I designed my own one :D
Vypor's avatar

It seems a lot of the space artists here on DA are fans of Homeworld.
Though personally, I don't see how you could play the games and NOT become a fan of them.
Hecuva's avatar
someone has been playing homeworld, i see
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