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Alien temple entrance

A couple of yellow astronauts exploring alien temple. A sketch done back in April.
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"Ok, who wants to go inside?"
"You first!"
"Now, no one go taking your helmet off in there. We all saw 'Alien' on the trip here..."
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But is the guy closest to the actual door wearing a red shirt under his EV suit?
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I'm pretty sure he is a red shirt ;)
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great imagination! I love your science fiction scenarios, they are masterpieces.
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incredible-dat atmoshpere-just great
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I like the short focal length you simulated. It puts a refreshing perspective on landscapes.
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The blur makes it look miniature.
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Great piece! I really like the textures, the blur is an interesting addition as well, it really makes it come together! 
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Simply astonishing work, really brings out an alien feeling, like the first scenes in Prometheus and the original Alien movie.
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Looks more like a garage coated with cobwebs. Not bad looking.
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Really great work :).
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Reminds me of the opening scenes from one of the Blade movies, really cool work! :)
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just like "yans" comics ...
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looks like the epic sci fi doorway that ridley scott forgot to put on his temple in prometheus XD
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This looks amazing.
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Looks nice, it has a desolate feel about it.
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