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Mr. Past Mr. Future
I have one foot in the future,
I have one foot in the past
They all tell me to move forward
But I just can't
He's holding onto me
My heart and my soul
I want to be free from him
But he's not letting go
And in my future there's this man
Who has been waiting so patiently
I've been so unkind to him
Holding onto him selfishly
So I take a step forward
And another one back
I'm standing in the present
For a moment to relax
My mind I'm fearful of
For it wont decide
Whether future or past
I'll go along for the ride
:iconmacon117:Macon117 1 2
Wishbone: Chapter 1
                               Chapter 1: Waking Up to the Smell of Life
   In an endless universe of bleak futures. In a galaxy of carelessly isolated insignificance. In a world of monotonous diversity relentlessly taken for granted. In a country of freedom, oppression, temperance, and immoral greed. In a school of uniquely normal adolescents, an oxymoron in itself, subliminally trained for the road that doesn’t lie ahead.
   That’s where our cliché-ridden, emotionally-distraught tale observing the impact of choices begins.
   I’ve been called many things in my transient life: a loner, a social, a jock, a nerd, a gamer, a freak, a dork, an understanding person, a despicable bully, a pompous know-it-all, and the nicest friend a guy could have.
:iconmacon117:Macon117 2 9
Mac's ABCs
A, A,
Run away
Run to fight another day
If you don’t
You will die
Don’t suffer your hard goodbye
B, B,
Can’t you see?
Life is much crazier than me
Things go right
Things go wrong
Time, I think, lasts way too long
C, C,
See I am
The guy who cannot give a damn
I’m selfish
I have no soul
I’m willing to steep too low
X, X,
Guess what’s next
Upon your brain I cast this hex
Letters skipped
Boredom sits
Winning useless war of wits
Y, Y,
Won’t I die?
I can’t cry ‘cause I can’t fly.
Soar above
The condemned land
Before I slip from God’s right hand
Z, Z,
Hit the ground
My body becomes a mound
I’m forgotten
Nature thrives
Ignorance as sharp as knives
A, B, C,
One, Two, Three,
Poem is now depressing me
Wring my neck
Take this pill
You’ll never get into my will!
:iconmacon117:Macon117 2 6
White vs. Black
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Pimps and hoes! Americans and Australians! Welcome to the world-famous secret underground rap battle arena! It is my pleasure to announce our candidates for tonight. Our first guest comes all the way from Beverly Hills, please give a welcoming hand for “White Guy!”
White Guy: Thank you, thank you very much. I know I’m new here, but I think everyone will truly appreciate how much time and effort it took me to get where I am tonight. I’d like to thank my mom, my drama teacher, my—”
A: Okay, that’s enough. Our second contestant is our returning champion, back from selling skittles in the hood; let’s hear a woot for “Black Guy!”
Black Guy: I’ma tell it straight right now. I’m gonna tear this cracka’ up. I’m gonna rip his intestines from whatever hole he got ingrained in his body. And I’m gonna show ya’ll what a ballin’ night this is gonna be!
:iconmacon117:Macon117 3 5
Two Tyrants
In a time of peace only do tyrants rise.
Taking advantage of the poor and the ones who aren’t wise.
First appearing as a saint, but just Satan in disguise.
They never compromise, only spreading white lies.
Two sides, two voices, two ways, two styles.
The two are separated between brain waves and miles.
Though this confrontation will spawn ill hollow hate.
An epic war proceeds to decide mankind’s fate.
Either way, today, the one who loses is you.
The lesser of two evils is the one who you choose.
Pick someone who hates or one who just doesn’t care.
Or you can try resisting monarchy, if you dare.
:iconmacon117:Macon117 2 2
My Vision for a Perfect World
A world where justice is served, but justice is relative.
A world that kills the criminals and honors the saints.
A world that is cared for above all, even ourselves.
   Requiring us to sacrifice our faith, culture, and tradition.
A world where the world believes nothing without proof.
A world that disposes the incapable and rewards the skilled.
   But still gives the middle class a chance to prosper.
A world where everyone is rich; poverty and third world countries extinct.
A world where resources are replaced with unlimited capacities.
A world that is free of guns and violence, because we choose it.
A world where the people make the choices with no exterior pressure.
A world where religion is legend, only taught as part of primitive history.
A world that knows everything with no secrets withheld.
A world without race, where we judge people from their actions.
   Not the skin they never chose to wear.
A world on one mind track.
A world with
:iconmacon117:Macon117 3 8
50% of people are respectful.
50% of people are mean.
50% of people have a pool.
50% of people shave their legs.
50% of people have clinically-induced stool hardeners.
50% of people just don’t have a good day.
50% of people look mad, but have sun in their eyes.
50% of people buy potatoes at the supermarket.
50% of people annoy others when they sneeze.
50% of people need to get rid of that freakin’ mole!
50% of people love to hate their job.
50% of people go on /b/.
50% of people are mutants.
50% of people join the “Mutant Alliance Association.”
50% of people in MAA are not really mutants.
50% of people eat soylant green (not people).
50% of people try to talk like Samuel L. Jackson.
50% of people don’t hear the meteorite heading straight for their face.
50% of people think about feet too much.
50% of people finally realize how overrated sex really is.
50% of people want to spray a fire extinguisher 24/7.
50% of people stole a gum pack from a hobo.
50% of people
:iconmacon117:Macon117 2 10
Unraveling Psychosis
I feel weird
I don’t know why
Everywhere I look
I see differently
Maybe it’s the medicine
Which causes awareness
Or maybe it’s me
Realizing myself
I don’t want to rhyme
I’m tempted, but no
I’m sick of being predictable
So I’m going to dictate.
She never liked me
I need a job
College pressures potential
I don’t know what I’m doing
I lost my sense of humor
I can’t look anyone in the eye
I’m consistently self-conscious
This play will be my downfall
I let people down
But I want to jump up
My dreams engulf reality
When I wake, I’m sad
I need a purpose
People need to stop bickering
Everyone’s too opinionated
I’m slowly becoming them
I need to laugh
It’s kinda hard now
I need to stop thinking
There’s too much to figure out
What will I do when all are dead?
I need to equalize too
I write too dark to sympathize
I’m smart, but only to the idiots
I rely on friends
I rely on trust
When betrayed, I shrug it off
:iconmacon117:Macon117 2 9
Fiery breath of putrid air
I stand and wake again.
All across the land and sea
Death breaks or makes a man.
Destroyed apocalyptic town
Replaced by tall and mighty mound.
If world was life, we killed it all
Except one thing, a bright red ball.
All is brown, all is grey
I wonder now what God would say.
When he sees what we’ve become
Clouds of sand erase the sun.
When that balls rolls down the street
At least, what’s left of it.
I see the corpse it passes by
And then it finally hit.
They all are dead, except for me
I gaze out past the furthest sea.
We took it all, we’re all insane
My lungs fill up, I scream in pain.
There is no air to sustain life
I grab my throat, think of my wife.
The ball will then stop at my head
My eyes go wide as I drop dead.
:iconmacon117:Macon117 0 6
The Hitchhiker
   “Another filthy beast’s day reached dusk. The next corpse arrives at dawn…”
   “What was that, honey?” She yelled from the other room.
   “Oh—nothing! I’m just talking to myself. I’m going to go out for a drive.”
   “You know I don’t like you taking those midnight drives! There are dangerous people out there!”
   There was huff from the other room, followed by the clanking of high heel shoes on the tiled floor, “I mean we’re only a few miles away from that darned prison! Remember what Mrs. Rose said? How her husband was murdered when he was hitchhiking down the road?” She walked into the room and stood in front of me with her hands on her hips, “It just doesn’t seem right when they let people like that live!”
   “Hey, hey…there’s nothing to worry about, alright? Listen, I know you&
:iconmacon117:Macon117 2 27
Mature content
Rape Hoedown :iconmacon117:Macon117 3 13
Dissecting Phobias
Why is it that when I see the dark, I fear?
~It’s a paranoid sense of uneasiness absorbed from movies.
~It’s curiosity overpowering reasoning when you investigate that disturbing sound down the hall.
~It’s the abandoned, uninhabitable environments that we survey to make sure our established normality stays within our comfort zone.
~We don’t know what’s there, and what we can’t see—we fear.
~People fear God. People fear the sea. People fear that dark sport in the corner of the room, letting their imagination overcome their reasoning and what we know not to believe suddenly exists with no doubt in our mind.
~Our society has promoted and supported the instantaneous access to all knowledge, and encourages us to find an answer even if one might not be readily available. Keeping this in mind, we find it essential to come up with creatures and monsters, because we secretly want them to exist. There’s not enough action in our lives, and the na
:iconmacon117:Macon117 3 9
Mature content
Religion :iconmacon117:Macon117 1 23
Job Compilation
I really want a job
I really want it now
I really want a chance to work
I really want some money
…that’s about it.
Job, Job
I want thee
I want thee to belong to me.
Belong to me
Thee I want
Money made right on the spot.
Spot is money
Money cow
Cow now how’d you like it wow.
Look there’s a job.
Why am I not there?
Making money where I dare cannot care?
But then I care
Because I want
To buy my stuff…goddamn want.
There’s no rhymes for want that I want.
Except want.
Stupid want.
I want one.
Aaaaaaand scene.
Alright people, let’s clean up the set. Great job to everyone!
Phil! Where’s my coffee cup!?
:iconmacon117:Macon117 3 15
Me by Macon117 Me :iconmacon117:Macon117 3 28
A friend I know:
He has everything
He needs nothing
He wants no more.
A friend has more:
Sex than me
Money than me
Humor than me.
A friend just wants:
To spread his happiness
But takes my own
He doesn’t mean to, it’s just me.
A friend right now:
Is one of my best friends
Though I weep when I say this
Jealousy sets in when he praises his life.
A friend I knew:
Is long gone
But still here
He just surpassed me in every way.
A friend I know:
Makes me think
About what I really have
When I have nothing at all.
I’m sorry for this, if you know who you are
But I write what’s on my mind
And my mind is jealous.
:iconmacon117:Macon117 1 5

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