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Karen the Working Gal

By macollado17
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Philippine's local monster girl, the "Manananggal".

As the lore goes, they disguise as fully functioning human by day and by night they can transform to this monster form where they detach their upper body, grow wings, claws, and sharp teeth to prey on animals or small children. They leave behind their lower half somewhere safe as this is their weakness; if found, adding salt to the exposed organs and will kill it. The Manananggal must return to their human form before sunlight, else they die (Just like vampires).

Karen is a modern urban Manananggal, working shifts and living from paychecks to paychecks. Trying keep her monster form in a low profile while she sends money to her family in the province. She sometimes wonder if she'll ever find the love of her life who'll accept her as she is.
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it's like the anime "Demi-chan wa Kataritai"
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Excellent drawing! Soooooo cute! Awww...
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Fascinating character! 😅
Kinda be a shame if any monster killer destroyed her 😰
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This is fantastic work
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macollado17Professional Digital Artist
Hey, thank you!