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Commander Badass Breathing

This is him in an idle/breathing animation.
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You, sir, are made of awesome!
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Oh wow, I totally missed this one! Awesome job!
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This is incredibly well done. I see you used the original art too! It's so neat to see someone else's flair used on an existing work. I think you did a great job, and it totally reminds me of those old beat em ups.

The only thing I would suggest is that most pixel shading is done almost in gradients; On his pants and jacket there are just spaces of pure colour with no blending. If you coloured them like you did the chest, it would look even better. :D
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Thanks for the feedback! I'm not happy with the pants either, actually. My "lower body" group of layers in Photoshop is more or less there for filler. I definitely plan to go back and flesh those out, so to speak.
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i reconise this guy
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I find that after I made a sprite of him, he reminds me a lot of Ben, the main character from the old Lucas Arts adventure game, "Full Throttle".
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