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Andromeda Clothing Guide by Nathanomir
Mature content
Andromeda Clothing Guide :iconnathanomir:Nathanomir 45 34
Aura Lockhaven Clothes Guide by Nathanomir
Mature content
Aura Lockhaven Clothes Guide :iconnathanomir:Nathanomir 36 62
Plastic Glossy Effect
As I've said before, I've kind of become many people's go-to artist for statuefication/mannequinization, which is a little odd to me since I don't share those fetishes. But unlike some other fetishes I don't share but which I won't name, they don't turn me off, so I'm always game to portray frozen figures in a commissioned image. ;)
I've gotten a lot of compliments on the glossy skin effect I'm able to achieve on these poor frozen heroines' skin:

As many of you know, I'm not one to hoard information, so here's how I achieve this effect if you want to duplicate it. (Of course this assumes you're using Daz Studio and the Iray render engine.)
Select the target figure in the Scene tab.
Go to the Surfaces tab, expand the figure's surfaces list, and select Skin.
I recommend Ctrl+clicking on "Lips", which for whatever reason is not selected along with all the other skin surfaces.
Go to your list
:icondangerguy01:Dangerguy01 10 14
FREEBIE: BDSM Stool by Noone102000
Mature content
FREEBIE: BDSM Stool :iconnoone102000:Noone102000 25 32
Ashe Girls Costume Guide by Nathanomir
Mature content
Ashe Girls Costume Guide :iconnathanomir:Nathanomir 43 47
FREE  battle-ready Feather Duster by mCasual FREE battle-ready Feather Duster :iconmcasual:mCasual 9 1 Double Sided Texture Daz Iray (Tutorial ...kinda) by soup-sammich Double Sided Texture Daz Iray (Tutorial ...kinda) :iconsoup-sammich:soup-sammich 28 13 Nice Suns for DAZ3D IRAY by HeroineAdventures Nice Suns for DAZ3D IRAY :iconheroineadventures:HeroineAdventures 52 12
7 DAZ3D things I Wish I Knew When I started DAZ3D
Inspirired by  from :iconburritorat2:
Only applies to Iray mostly
PS: I'm by no means an expert in DAZ3D and I'm speaking from my experience.
1. Faster Renders
1.1 Activated OptiX Acceleration  
I didn't know about this until 1 year into DAZ3D. It basically makes your renders 50-100% faster if you have a Nvidia GPU
1.2 If you activate Iray Preview mode and wait until the grey turns into the iray preview, it will start to render a lot faster than when you just hit render out of Texture Shaded Mode. I'd recommend saving the scene before you do that though, as DAZ3D crashes sometimes using this method.
1.3 For some reason when you disable the CPU and let it only render on the GPU it is somewhat faster or only a bit slower than GPU and CPU. You'll also be able to do other stuffs likes browsing the interwebs while rendering. This only works if you have a Nvidia GPU.
You could also lower the CPU cores used by DAZ3D
:iconheroineadventures:HeroineAdventures 28 19
Iray Interior Camera V1.3 by HeroineAdventures Iray Interior Camera V1.3 :iconheroineadventures:HeroineAdventures 30 27
[TUTORIAL] Character Skins G2 to G3 Via Skinsuit
This technique also works with things like Jepe's Jewels and Tears (don't do the culling method suggested in "Refinements" if you want to use a transmapped product).  It's a kludgy workaround, but it's free.  I may do a video or I may not.  I've been ill and my voice is still not at 100% yet.  If I do I'll link it here.
This should also work in the reverse direction if you have purchased G3 clones for G2.  If you want a V4M4 skin on G3 I recommend you apply that skin to Genesis 2 and use it for this process; the shapes are too different for even clones to work very well.
Here's a proof of concept showing Elite V4 Arianna on RawArt3d's Massive for Genesis 3 Male.

You need:
Genesis 2 Male or Female.  G3 already has clones for both of these natively.  Use the male for the male and the female for the female because their shapes are closest.  If you want to get a female skin onto the
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 50 10
Tutorial: Lighting and Rendering Night Scenes
Here is the YouTube version of this tutorial, and here is the accompanying tutorial on using Canvases.
Working with the Iray render engine, and seeing what people do with it on deviantart, over time I've seen the same mistakes repeated many times.  One of the most common that I see has to do with rendering night scenes or other scenes that are meant to be dark.
The thing is that the human eye is bad at seeing in the dark.  If you render literally what someone would be seeing, your scene will look terrible, but this is exactly what I see many people doing.  Hollywood movies often use two specific techniques to create night scenes: lit foreground objects against dark backdrops and "blue-for-night" lighting.  There's a third option (used more in horror) that I will also cover, the use of strong specular highlights and/or rim lighting.  Let's take them one at a time.
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 63 23
Sawing Box V01 by MacabreMagician Sawing Box V01 :iconmacabremagician:MacabreMagician 42 20 Tutorial - Veins in Daz Studio by forged3DX Tutorial - Veins in Daz Studio :iconforged3dx:forged3DX 186 42
Creating Zephyrs and Other Spectres (Tutorial)
My Zephyrs received so many great comments, I thought I’d share how they were made. It’s actually an easy process, with only two places that get tedious and time consuming.
This works for any figure or prop: human, animal, automobile, etc.
It’s a great way to make statues, as well as ethereal beings such as zephyrs, ghosts, and energy based aliens.
The Statue Part
1. In a new, clear scene, load the figure you want.
2. Reduce the Mesh Resolution to Base Res, SubD1. Geometry is not important. Saves resources later, too. Turn off any geografted parts such as eyebrows and genitals. Those will show up as odd features. If you're figure is a human, turn off the hair. More about hair later. Also, turn off the eyes and teeth, unless you want teeth to show up through the cheeks. Hair, teeth, and eyeballs have a much finer mesh than bodies, and will tile in unpleasant ways that conflict with your final creature.
3. Pose your figure.
4. Export the figure as an object (OBJ)
:iconnathanomir:Nathanomir 11 23


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