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I don't remember why i started using deviantart. The only thing i remember , is that i fell in love at first sight with this site ! :D 

*Sorry for my English I'm really tired from all these things and my brain is somehow asleep or something xD *
Here is my short story *o* Enjoy ! 

My first picture i uploaded was this one :

I discovered Photofiltre few years before i joined DA but i started with my digital drawing when i saw one AWESOME artist . I really adored her back . I wanted to be good as her...
So i installed programme called Photofiltre - mainly because of graphic but when i found out there is version of programme where you have layers I started drawing things like this - same style as my fav artist *o* (i was nothing compared to her but i loved drawing *o*)

 city girl by mackyca
( Oh my God this picture is soo ugly xDD) 

Few days later i found out she drew in SAI so i searched whole google because i wanted that programme too xD and for Free :D I found it , installed it and drew my 1st picture :D :
Kitty by mackyca
(i really liked cats : D )

When i was in Winx fan club everyone had theis own OCs so I made one too called May 

OC May-chan by mackyca

Few months later I realized i couldn't draw Winx hair because of Preassure. I got my first drawing tablet *o* And i still have it :D My Wacom bamboo stylus , my love ^-^

Blue girl - final version by mackyca

Years were passing..
May COMIX 2 by mackyca

May COMIX design by mackyca

I was improving..

May and cat by mackyca

I wrote my manga story * i still have that A4 paper lol*...

May and nature by mackyca

I started to draw series Eternity night but i've never finished it actually.

Yumiko's Eternity night by mackycaEternity night with  Ayame by mackycaEternity night by mackyca

My BIG dream was to draw that litlle mountain in front of our cottage so i tried it :D 

Countryside by mackyca
I think it's actually good xD it was my first time drawing and shading with pencil  )

Some illustration to some things :D 

Sekiranun Graffity illustration by mackyca

Boborland by mackyca

I love DA and I am glad i joined this big family :D I met here AWESOME friends and artis :D Thank you and happy birthday ! 

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questions for me :  

1.Which kpop group is your favourite and why? </span>
FT island ^^ Their live concert are just amazing !! I am always watching it with open mouth like :OOOOO How is that possible that i am smiling like a retard ? XD 
Or i am always dancing (if i can say that) or singing along *o* It's just pure love XDDDDDDDDD
2.Which kpop song is the most stupid?</i>
PSY-Gentleman. I am sorry but i don't like it. It's almost the same as Gangnam style.
3.Do you know eatyourkimchi?</i>
No i don't know -.-
4.Do you like dancing?</i>
Of course *o* !! I love it !!!
5. Who is your shinee bias?</i>
My future husband Key <3 cream or lollipop?</i>
Ice cream ^^
7.Do you want to become an artist?</i>
Yeeeeees ^^ A mangaka artist :D 
8.Do you like math?</i>
hahaaha . It's joker right ? XD NO ! I HATE MATHS MORE THAN ANYTHING
9.What do you think about One Direction?</i>
Hmm One Erection ? let's see.....THOSE STUPID RETARDED GAYS !!! THEY ARE MAKING FUN OF OTHER SONGS!! I don't undestand how can someone love them. They aren't even handsome. I really REALLY HATE THEM. That's all. I don't want to spent my precious time with talking about 1 erection
10.your favourite korean rapper is...</i>
Seung hyun <3333

Questions for you :
1.What is your favourite k-pop song ? 
2. What was your first k-pop song you ever liked?
3. Which k-pop band do you like ? 
4. Can you speak Korean ? 
5. Can you show us your favourite gif ? 
6. Do you read manga ?
7. Do you hate be because i tagged you ? XDDD
8. How old are you ?
9. Do you like Japan ?
10. What do you think about gangnam style ?

I will tag people later ^^

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY We saved our voaloid Galaco :DDDD  here is comment which i foung on youtube 

"Galaco has been saved.
She will be getting a better voicebank which will replace her current voicebank on October 31st.
Please spread the word." 

thanks good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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I wonder what to do if someone catches kiriban. I don't want to draw but i want to give something XDD but yep i don't have mones or anything .. maybe i will just tell you how to download mangastudio 5 full version (NO TRIAL ) XDDDD  

If you have an idea tell me :D
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Police found a dead member of my favourite group from childhood (even now they have special place in my heart ) News said that he had killed himself.
I still can't believe it... i don't want to !!! They were really popular back then... people from whole country came to watch them just to listen and laugh from their acting :D They even had their TV show....
Actually few feeks ago i remembered them and "what happened to them ???? will they sing again at market ? " I even listened to my fav song ..... but now i don't know what to do. I can't expect anything. I believed that one day i would see them and sing along with them too ... Please someone up there - do something with people who want to kill themselves.


My grandfather is really ill... everyone says he is going to die soon.... i don't know what to do... i have 1 big regret that i have but i am too embarresed to say it .i am sorry for writing such a things on DA but i have to say it to someone. I feel like my friends wouldn't listen to me.
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New giveaway !!! aaaw i would really like to win. Yep i know i am selfish but DA shop is closing down soon :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Here igiveaway link :D…
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From tomoorow - 3 am to 10.5. i will be in London !! yaaaay minna take care , i hope i will meet some otaku muhahaha XDDDD or some ikemens kekekeke
Ikemens - you won't run from me ! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Please tell me about new episodes - Chihayafuru and Uta pri !! aarh i will die -.-" i am so looking forward to next episodes but i won't see it aaa
But i am so happy to get out of Slovakia ! I love our sweet country - no hurricanes,floods, earthquakes,poisonous animals, just easy going life. but to say true -i am tired of school, of my so-called friends, idiots out there, arguments...
So i am saying sayonara for a week ^^ !!!

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Please people , if you get llama from me , don't thank me . Just send me llama back please ^^
I am trying to get on higher level muhahaha (finally xDD ) only 250 other llamas and it's done :D !
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Read the rules and join *o* !  I hope  i' ll win because i would really like to >o<
here is… !!!
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Hotarubi no mori e - amazing movie. I've just watched it .... so many emotions ...I don't know if i love ending or hate it (now spoilers. don't read if you don't want to ) When Gin touched that human boy i was like "no gin... gin.. you can't disappear now. She wants to tell you something important" but then he said "come to me " and hugged her. I was waiting for it whole movie but somehow .. i don't know i just wanted something more XD I wanted her to become spirit or him to become normal human... i was thinking they would go and meet God but it ended like this-Gin dissappeared.. I waited et the ending that Gin would say something like "finally  ..." but nothing happened . It ended like "hmm okey my first love is gone. Now move forward "

That movie made me want to meet demon /ghost like Gin (but i wouldn't want him to dissappear if i touched him ) I mean I read so many mangas when demon fell in love with human girl .... I tink my life is boring. Every week - 5 days go to school, 2 days sleeping and learning. In evening i am reading manga/watching anime ... Every day is the same ! I want something to happen >.< I am just tired of days when i just hand out with friends and talk about stupid things , being angry for no reason..
When i tould my friend my feelig that "i feel everyday is the same " she told me she also feels like it . I tough it was only me , but now i know something is wrong -.-
Please , kami-sama - do someting about it .I'd really want to meet demon that is bad but later he would turn out really good (like tsundere XD )

hmm i don't know XDD write your opinion
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I have 96 % from Slovak language and 100 % from maths !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaay !!! thank you everyone who kept their fingers crossed for me :DDDD I am really happy (now i don't have to do exams to Secondary school kyaaa XDDD )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holiday are here ! from now to 1 st september XD
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Maybe some of you want to see my drawings even if i am not goot. Right now,i am sorry. It seems like i can't draw anything normal or pretty. When i catch my pencil i feel like "hm okay and what to do now . " I really want to but i can't (haha like tokiya from uta pri >U< ) BUT now i found one way how to imrove even if i can't draw muhahaha :DD

okay jsut my stupid journals XDDD i am sorry i jsut wanted to write something to let you know that i am alive
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Tomorrow is the most important day in my live maybe haha :D just joking :D we are writing something like exam  that whole slovakia's 9th grades have to write. Yep it really is stupid. But if I don't do that exam i can't go to secondary school -.-" Past months I and class were giving our best to not asleep at class so i think we can do it (team work ya know that XDD) So please as i said already keep your fingers crossed for me :D i will se result in few weeks so i will find out if you forgot about me :D
For those who are also writing tests, i will also keep your fingers crossed for you *o*
People who are already thinking of me and didn't forget , thank you so much ><
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At 1st i was thinking that it will be just another spam like today's episodes -.-" (nothing's happening . really. All episodes ar about cases that conan is solving ... no black Organization , no love-episodes -.-" it's not lik i love romance but Shinichi should tell ran already -.-"
And no Sato x Takagi episodes , no fun episodes - really jsut spammers -.- i don''t even watch it -.-" !!)

So this is picture movi 17 *o* airing 20. april ! yaaaaaaaaaay !!…
Pictures looks really really great. There isn't really interesting trailer which would show some great scenes but ... i really like that picture *o*
i hope there will be somthing like ... ehm i don't know really XD but i really loved movie 8 when Ran said "i love you shinichi"  (my heart skipped a beat that moment ) or movie 7 when shinichi was talking about flash-back and hattori said "Ah it was thn huh ? when your thoughs changed about her being just a childhood friend " and shinichi said "Idiot.. it's not like that.... i've always... even now.. she is still waiting for me "
For example in movie 4 when Ran lost her memories somone said "It would be better if shinichi was there " and conan made such sad face :( i cried for him whole movie XDDDD it was so saaaad ! when she didn't remmber him......
So only 47 days and movie is here *o*/ I hope we will hav DVD sooner and not like last time XD when we were waiting 8 months to see raw movie -.-" i think Nico nico should broadcast it online !

Only 3 years and detective conan will be turning 20 years. -.- "i was waiting 10 years so another 10 will be just fine"
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So really i've had enough. Almost all artist (who i liked ) started to copy another ones and pretend like "i didn't to anything " , started to be envious and copying ME !
.... so yes i am leaving . but i still will be there to comment and fav your works (sorry i don't have time ) .
Maybe i will to another DA account but i don't know .. for now bye :D
For those who want to be in contact my mail is :
If you want my FB (comment ) (((i will be more on FB :D )

So bye bye ^^
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So many things happend this week. I can't even say if i am happy or angry or sad or whatever  ....
but what i have to say is : TEACHERS ARE SO ANNOYING !

Yesterday my mother bough me painting canvas *o* and acrylic colors (half price yay *o*)
So i was thinking what about do draw my favourite thing from childhood ? I decided to draw something like small mountain :D In our village there is also something like legend for it : On the special day treasures are opening (i don't remember which day -.-" )  [this will be also in my manga *o* sorry i am on notebook so i can't uload a photo >.<]
So as i was looking for the photo i found photos which i took in summer camp !! ( actally i didn't remember that i took photos XDDD ) I found our art trade , hentai picture , me drawing (i look ugly -.-" ) and my lovely contryside which i loved that much >///< i was looking at that photo and saying "wow this is beautiful... did i take this photo ? but i don't remember.. but it seems do familiar.... AAAAAH I KNOW ! IT'S FROM SUMMER CAMP ! and than i remembered what my friend said to me while sitting on that legendar bench :
- "Wow your drawings are wonderful.. why won't you make a story from this ... and what about future ? do you plan to continue ? and-"
- i replied : " There are milions of people who are better than me. There are milions people who draw same as me . There are bilions of people who are worse than me "
-"but it doesn't matter right ? "
- "i've already decided ....... that i will try my very best ^^"

People - why do you always say "it's impossible, i don't like it , i can't do that " when you didn't even try it or put your best to it ? I hate this . For example my classmate - she is always saying "I hate that teacher ! cause of her i have 2 ! but it doesn't matter i can't change it. " (she had 2 weeks )

I already said - when you put your very very VERY best for something , it will change and you will also be happier :D Believe me . I tried it severaly times and even now when i recall my memory it make me happy :D
If you want  example, that my example is my halloween work Happy halloween from Eternity Dream by mackyca . I have it above my bed and everytime when something bad happens i take a look at that and say "it was even worse and i am alive so ganbare ! "
And do you want to know what difficult thing i a going to make now ? i know you want to know it XD
I am going to sey Nico nico douga TV icon !!§ (google it if you don't know ) i wonder if i will be able to do it with my no-abilities with sewing XDDDD  but as title says : i will just give my best :D
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At first i was thinking about leaving DA.... i don't know .. just my favourite artists are leaving or getting worse , i don't draw now and  i don't paint (personal reason )... just everyone on DA  is getting so jealous about others and doing same things as others only because they are so proud of themself so *she can't be better then me* and that's it.
I hate it .  What is point in that ? because i can't see it. What is the point that you get worse and you are more proud of yourself ? It's just stupid... I think when you work really hard you can do everything. It can take time but people will see that you have talent. They can watch you even because of your hard working ^-^ (i am like that XD)

Today when i was making sketchook video(yep finally -.-) I was looking at my "old arts" even now i can't believe i drew something like that O_O Also my dance happy synthesizer XDD haha lool yesterday - 2 and half hours walking in the city and dancing in random places XDDDDDD MY WHOLE BODY HURS NOW ! but i mixed it (my arm really hurt back than so it's not perfect ) and music doesn't suit with video but i like it XDD  When i fell , when i slipped , when random people were screaming "aaksldngdsk let's play tadaaatata " XDDD When handsome guys were passing by , i was thinking to say "Hello" to them XDDD when they came closer that blond ikemen said "Hello " to us xDDDD Just amazing day :D

so for now see ya !

(hesla dna napisem potom ale teraz zdechinam )
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3- prizdochnuta morka
4-Doki Doki
5- Irenina revolucia
6- The dog cold "mm"
7- padajúcia hviezda otaku
8- i am sinkink! oh and what are you singing about ?
9- misia džúsik
11- Happy synthesizer
12- nenavisť
13- cakam na to kym sa rozidu / ako urobiť zo štetca redisove pero/justin bieber is adjective
14- monitor
15- arči/cecil
16- time to spleep. oyasumi minna ^^ who wants tosleep with me ? haha jodan jodan xD - masato
17- dnes davas hesl oty - ty seš komik XDDD na to nemam mozgovu kapacitu
18- nahoda
19- nevie niekto z vas kolko je hodin ? nema niekto z vas nahodou hodinky alebo mobil? ja vam ho nezoberiem
20 - to čo vy kočky take usmievave
21- v poriadku ? ja kludne donesiem lekarnicku / tie 2 centy mu nechame sak nech ma neco na seba
22- tak ideme ? - ideme kam ?
23- a vy mate tuš ? vyvzrušene perverzačky ? - odpal debile
24-  tadanon mania
25-sukoshi dake
26- otacanie
27- facka robi cloveka stastnejsim
28- lacie
29- milostny trojuholnik
30- styl ucesu podla vetra
31 - dievca ktore skakalo casom


1- aha svetlo
2- aj ja viem robit dvojicky
3- pocitame po japonsky 1-10 / the girl who leapt through time
4- hi hi hi usmev ! mas usmev akoutrpenie panenky marie
5- 11 minut
6- Dengeki daisy
7- daisy kurosaki-san
8- one more / special A
9-it's over / the end of game / takishima kei
10- brzdna -poleno
11-kreslenie naheho tela XD  
12-a slavka bola druhaa
13- no a nazov anime je princess lover ked ste ma tak pocuvali...
14- tsubaki /plyn
15- work of stalker
16-a jeden ruzovy chlapcek
17- aha marcel !
18- ze chudak marcel xD
19- 3 a pol hodiny a 11 minut / spehovat sa nepatri
20 - kus,kusok viac /skuste si zltu farbu namiesat
21-Ja se nebudu obtezovat kdyz na takovyhle antitalent napise na obrazek zlepsujes se ...
22- u don t say , god knows
23- aaaaah (tell your world )
24- google failed . error 404 page not found /tesco/kaufland /neviem/ bishik 1000 %
25-sorewa hi-mi-tsu desu
26- aspon sa ten chlieb napije , minuta a 10 sekund
27- cesko
28- cesko
30- Ale ja ho chcem vidiet v kroji


1- som strasne zvedava akych debilov este stretnem   !
2- povedal ze caka na pravu vraj - no to zato ze este nepoznal mna
3- marcel po 1krat uvidel mangu a o co horsie zacal ju citat nahlas TT_TT
4- usmev bishika /moe kare/ sparatko vo vode/ najlepsi den tyzdna !
5- now i know why i <3 vampire knight XD
6-uwasa no midori kun
7-heslo dna je na tebe . Ake ? - jak to muzes nechat na mne... k tomu nemam poveleno... - no taak -dobre reknu ti co ma prve napadne : I woke up  the sleeping prince with a kiss (to je to co splodila moje fantazie. -nechame tu vetu - probudila jsem spiciho prince polibkem
8-shinrei tantei takuma
9-hlavne nenapadne/ zmenila si sa /predstavovanie hologramu
10- tipos bingo
11- tipos bingo /debilita sa nepopre / hana to akuma
12-uchylne pohlady debilov / hladanie dobrej mangy a anime
13- nuda nuda
14- univerzal heslo cecil a stena
15-sex- tak marko preco sex -ah xD
16- vsetko okrem barbie /chlapec alebo dievca ?
17-shoujo manga /ano ty ssa ponahlas na maraton ne ? - ale bol si dobra :D / hokej
18-ta šebe vyfocim totu tortu ne ? abo ne bo uz je do(j)ebana / dn angel
19- vyhrali sme :DDD
20 - pane boze ! hlasim sa sima hlasim sa k sluzbam
21- ta a riadne svihnuty , oh prepac myslel som ze mas dobry svih rukou /JA viem
22-imaginarny kamarat cecile / sp derman underwear
23- priserne divny tyzden
24- hare hare yukai / a vsunieme do vety
25- mas domacu ? ne- a mas toto ? ne nikto to nevie !! sereeem na too
26- ludia z anime maniakov prisli na pomoc ^^hadka sa zacina ! /edo xD  
27-<3 kosatce / ta prechadzka bola skorej ako maraton
28-niekedy je lepsie nemat ziadnych priatelov nez mat takych akych mam terat . / la corda d'oro
29- even if i go alone i will go on /stripes
30- prisiel ako velka voda/ zrusena vytvarka / one art for 1 000 words

20 -
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  • Watching: Blood (heart)
  • Eating: you donīt know how i am hungy
  • Drinking: Vodka (joke)
It was 18:18 .... You know , if you see time like this it's tradition to wish something in our country  ^^  I was thinking what to wish this time ..... i know if i wish something selfish again i won't feel happy. So i just "gave" my wish to someone else...
i don't know if it will make him happy but what if yes... really ... ?! he only answered :  "i would do the same if there was really such thing called a "wish come true". He is right.  You people don't know how many times i wished the same ....  (i had 3 wished like this) Now when i think back - WHAT A SELFISH WISHES ! Someone once told me : "If you wish something for yourself you have to do something for it . Even if it comes true it won't make you happy from bottom of your heart. Have you ever wished something for someone else ? "

I had only one selfish wish since than... but i have to say i don't want to care about people around me . When something happens , i am always 1st one who run to cheer up . It's not like i don't like caring about other people but sometims when it causes pain obviously you wouldn't like it right ? You know people who did something for me are really precious for me... jsut a litlle ... like made me laugh at hard times ...said "YOU CAN DO IT !". but i only cheer up boys. When something happened to boy and he is sad it's more serious. Girls are crying for every litlle thing like "i broke my nail".
In 2012 i cheered up 4 boys (they had really hard time back than... they were even crying haha XD )
woow that's bringing back so many memories... there are so many  people which i met in that year ! but i feel like crying - because i know that many of them i will never ever meet again.... Some of them i can't  even meet...
But when i imagine that amazing moments which i will never forget XDDDDD do you want to hear my very best moments ?

-  i discovered  nico nico dancers . Than my fav dancers made group called "cozmosse". I joined to their fan club... there i met really amazing people XD maybe they don't know that but they made me smile in hard times XDD plus astroverse live chat XD - sekushi , prst , la ,curtains , he is undressing ? O_O pervered teacher , poker face... xDDDD

- I can't even say how i enjoy being at our secret chat XD aaa that reminds me i have to write passwords of days XD

- of course on of my best precious memory- camp. I can't even say it in words how i laughed....  (best moment :  i and boys were sitting in front of boy's showers. they were waiting for shower and i was drawing . when one friend (number one ) was taking a shower - than we heard really laud noise and he was speaking in really bad language (i will say it this way) XD so my second friend openend the door like big sparkling idol and "what happend ? " . my first friend in shower was like sndkkldfbndf don't come here XDDDDDDDDD then 2nd friend came out and "did you see how small he has "it" ? " XDDDDDDDD
than some adult come . (he is also stupid in some way )XD he did same thing as my 2nd friend XDDDD *big sparkling idol*.
my first friend was really really angry while my 2nd continued to saying "how small it was" XDDD
15 minutes later we found out that he broke door from shower XDDDDD
(and now imagine i was only girl there )

- my graduation art ... art lessons ...

i cant even say how many things happend !!!!!!

now when i am repeating this memories i feel really sad .... i don't know. i mean , i lost almost all important , everyone left me in some way ^^" i "If it  doesn't kill you you will get stronger " so towards tomorrow as i say !
Remember what naruto always says "Failing doesn't give you a reason to give up as long as you believe !" , you can't be always sad .... sometimes you  have to be cheerful and happy (even if you don't feel like that) !
(((but there are things when you can't really pretend like nothing happened right ? for example , today i found our that our oldest most important best mega group isn't even on website's banner ..... do you know how sad i am now ? they also didn't post any photos of us dancing ... )))

But i am really glad i made that secret wish.. (that's only 1 wish which came true XD
i don't know what to say in the end ... just i wanted to write about wishes ...
And please keep fingres crossed for me. I will need it >.< !!!!! really please !! there are difficult things which i want to solve !

So from now remember ! if it's time like 18:18 wish something important to you ^-^