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2013 Summary of art by mackyca 2013 Summary of art by mackyca
nya nya nya This one looks good :icontearplz: :icontearplz: :icontearplz: 

January - Bloom harmonix. I was drawing few hours that damn background -.-" but it was worth it *o*Yeah proportions of Bloom are horrible but it like it :icontearplz: 

February - I really like lineart but colours are just weird -.- I tried to redraw it several times  but it looked even worse then this XDDD

March Near our city is lake called "Zemplinska Sirava" (google) . If you go there in summer , you can see AMAZING sunset.

April  I fell in love with vocaloid song Sekiranun Grafitty. I just had to draw it XD I tried Zigg zagg too bud i couldn't draw background very well so i left it .

May I really loved Cozmosse and their challanges xD Just look up on youtube "Cozmosse challange" and you'll see why XD 

June I rwanted to draw all my dresses that i have but only one that i wore on Valentine's day party turned out well.  (that reminds me- i will have to choose my partner for this year -.-" I heard it's a rule if you want to go -.-"""

July Boborland picture.. ha.. i totally forgot to draw 2014 T-shirt : - ) fuck..... but i would look like idiot if i sent it to them now so i will pretend like i've never remembered it  XDDDDD

August I wanted to improve in watercolour drawing  ... but lol this one looks gorrible :'D

September  Main characters from my stories... This is the only art that i started and finished in school.... it somehow looks weird. but i really like the vlond one *o* 

October I WAS SO BUSY WITH SCHOOL !! I slept 4 hours a day. I was also ill few times.(almost nothing have changed. but now i only sleep for 5 hours : - ) 

November Same as October. To be honest I don't remember is that sketch is really from november XDDD Well but who cares XD O

December Originally a halloween art but i didn't want to finish it somehow.. I didn't like background.  Well but on 30.12.2013 o decided to finish it XDDDDDDD I know i am an idiot X'DDD I almost didn't go out to watch fireworks because i wanted to finish it >< but i made it in time :D

A hope this year will be better *o* well u won't have time for drawing again but i will try my best :icongaywinkplz:

mattakiumi Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
november *______________* preco si nan nepamatam xDDDDDDDD december je naj taktiez marec, jun a august su bomba :iconlaplz: :iconlaplz: :iconlaplz:
mackyca Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
november je sketch v mojom zosite a nema dokrelsene nohy XDDDDDDDDDDD bola to jedina kresba za november XDDD
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January 1, 2014
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