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Instead of just doing random captures, I want to get into more conceptual art. I'm a story-teller at heart, and it's something I've always wanted to do. Art which tells a story.

I'm also a music "snob", so I figured what a great way to combine mediums. So here's the plan! Take a favorite album by a favorite artist, and do one image per song title. The concept can be straightforward, or completely abstract. Either way, at the end I'll have a visual representation of a favorite record. I know this is probably not an original idea, because let's face it, what is "original". But I did do some searching on DA and couldn't find *exactly* what I'm planning.

It will be fun, challenging, and it will force me to actually be creative (and I often need to be forced).

So now.... *thumbs through massive music archive*... I just need to find the right album... hmmmm...
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After a very long hiatus, I've finally got a lot of my film developed that I had cached away for a long time. In some cases, years! I'll be adding them as the days go by.

I added some additional shots taken with the Cannon 7D that my workplace purchased, but there is a certain something about film.
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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has viewed my photos! I'm quite proud to have earned the 1,000 page view :)
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Yes it is true. I release most of my photographs under the Creative Commons license. As such, anyone is allowed to use them (those I release under CC that is) except for commercial use. You just have to save your version under the same license I released mine under and give me proper attribution. That way the sharing keeps on going and going, if you know what I mean.
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