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April 27, 2012 typo: britney (toxic) by ~mackill
Featured by pica-ae
mackill's avatar typo: britney (toxic)

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Mauricio5555's avatar
So freakin' awesome *.*
TonyDennison's avatar
Clever and clean. :-)
2ndgenstudios's avatar
Really good work!
Lavender1627's avatar
Imagine this as a corsetted cocktail dress...
agnam13's avatar
A brilliant piece~
True2Koinu's avatar
GrassBladeGrassBlood's avatar
I'd wear that for a photoshoot.

I love this idea! It's really cool!
Jaylayson's avatar
This is fantastic. Much deserving of the DD.
levy009's avatar
BluAmu's avatar
Even with a warning, would you even notice it? >:D Deviously awesome DD. Love this!
CheskaCityLove's avatar
I am sorry but out of all your INCREDIBLY AWESOME and full of life and color and creativity deviations i cant believe THIS one made it to be a daily deviation...

I like the concept but seriously wtf
DJMadameNoir's avatar
That is AWESOME!
prussiancrimsonheart's avatar
Yes!!! This is awesome!
WizardOfUnseen's avatar
This is hilarious and as an idea, brilliant. The DD is well deserved.
LeenaZenyo's avatar
Can I use this dress design in a picture? [[ a drawing ]]
themysticalmediator's avatar
I get it a little, but I don't quite understand exactly what you mean.... or like what type of warning. (It's probably just me, not your portrayal of the concept. It's nice to excercise my mind with concepts like these sometimes.)
fear-is-spreading's avatar
I think the artist is trying to convey a sense of dangerous attraction. Something along the lines of 'man eater' or 'heart breaker'.

The idea seems to be that the woman in question is incredibly attractive, but less than emotionally perfect so that she either creates an environment which is hostile to emotional attachment, or is simply incapable of it.
themysticalmediator's avatar
Oh~! In short terms, like a femme fatale? I see, great explanation, thanks! :D
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